Quarter Sessions Records, Volume 5

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Society, 1887 - Court records
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Page 91 - ... a Commonwealth and Free State, and shall from henceforth be governed as a Commonwealth and Free State by the supreme authority of this nation, the representatives of the people in Parliament, and by such as they shall appoint and constitute as officers and ministers under them for the good of the people, and that without any King or House of Lords.
Page 180 - I, AB, do declare, That I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the sacrament of the Lord's supper, or in the elements of bread and wine, at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.
Page 91 - That the People of England, and of all the dominions and territories thereunto belonging, are and shall be, and are hereby constituted, made, established and confirmed to be, A COMMONWEALTH OR FREESTATE ; and shall from henceforth be governed as a Commonwealth and Free-State, — by the Supreme Authority of this Nation the Representatives of the People in Parliament...
Page 96 - OATH :—You shall sweare that you shall be true and faithfull to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established without a Kinge or House of Lords...
Page 165 - I remember to have seen a woman ducked for scolding. The chair hung by a pulley fastened to a beam about the middle of the bridge, in which the woman was confined, and let down under the water three times, and then taken out, The bridge was then of timber, before the present stone bridge of one arch was builded.
Page 165 - Last week a woman that keeps the Queen's Head ale-house, at Kingston, in Surrey, was ordered by the Court to be ducked for scolding, and was accordingly placed in the chair, and ducked in the river Thames, under Kingston Bridge, in the presence of 2,000 or 3,000 people.
Page 181 - See above. 181 person whatsoever, and I doe alsoe beleive that there is not any Purgatory, and that the consecrated Hoast, crucifixes or images ought not to be worshipped, neither that any worshipp is due unto any of them, and I doe alsoe beleive that...
Page 262 - Constable, unless she within a month do ask Jas. Wilkinson and his wife of Sneaton forgiveness in Whitby Church publiquely and at the Cross in the market town there. RECORDS, vol. v., p. 262. Richmond, I3th Oct. 1606. — [In connexion with the mention of an evil living man and ' wieff who is a common skolder with her neighbours...
Page 203 - ... dwelling houses, dove-cotes, and churches, are daily damaged by the abuse thereof, by men of light conversation, but that also there is grown a customable manner of shooting of HAIL-SHOT, whereby an infinite sort of fowl is killed, and much game thereby destroyed, to the benefit of no man; whereby, also, the meaning of the said statute is defrauded, for that the said use of hail-shot utterly destroyeth the certainty of shooting, which, in wars, is much requisite. Be it therefore enacted, that...
Page 181 - I also believe that Salvation cannot be merited by Works, and all doctrines in affirmation of the said points I do abjure and renounce without any equivocation, mental reservation or secret evasion whatsoever, taking the words by me spoken according to the common and usual meaning of them. So help me God.