With the Victorious Bulgarians

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Houghton Mifflin, 1913 - Balkan Peninsula - 273 pages

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Page 115 - Bulgarians ! In the course of my reign of twenty-five years I have always sought, in the peaceful work of civilization, the progress, welfare and glory of Bulgaria, and it was in this direction that I wished to see the Bulgarian nation constantly advance, but Providence has judged otherwise. The moment has come when the Bulgarian race is called upon to renounce the benefits of peace and have recourse to arms for the solution of a great problem. Beyond the Rilo and the Rhodope Mountains our brothers...
Page 229 - Mercy! Mercy!" were heard in the streets. Then began outbreaks of fire, and soon the sky was all a glowing red, where lately it had been clear and calm over the stately city.
Page 257 - ... to censorship; and personal freedom of movement was restricted. "It was categorically forbidden to send any news that was at all worth knowing, or to take any steps by which one could get possession of any such news.
Page 185 - Chatalja lines were amply sufficient for the military protection of the territory that had been conquered, and the retention of these positions by the army would entail no losses worth mentioning. But from a political point of view a victory over the...
Page 225 - For years," writes Lieut. Wagner — who, whatever his eccentricities as a war-correspondent, possesses an intimate knowledge of and admiration for the Bulgarian people — "the Komitadjis have with rifle, knife, revolver, and bomb, waged a terrible guerilla war in Macedonia against everything that is not Bulgarian. Mercy there is none, not even to old men and women and children.
Page 91 - Of the four allied Balkan States, Bulgaria was the one to whose lot fell the most serious task of all. She was to shatter the shield of the enemy and then deal him the death-stroke. And in the main Bulgaria had to accomplish this task alone, and without direct support from any of the allies.
Page 225 - Committee may repeat ad nauseam the hypocrisy of King Ferdinand's appeal on behalf of the oppressed Christians of Macedonia, but no educated person in Turkey, Moslem or Christian, is deceived by the utter insincerity of this cry. ' Turk, Albanian, Serb, and ' Greek alike, trembled before these sons of Hell ' is a fair epitome of Bulgaria's action in Macedonia for the last twelve years. The whole motive of the Bulgarians, from start to finish, has been the lust of territory ; and the war has been...
Page 76 - Pitai patilo" — "Ask some one who has had experience of it,
Page 73 - ... and in winter a sheepskin (djube). The shirt, a good deal of which is shown, is embroidered with various colours. In the costume of the women, colours have a more considerable part.

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