A companion to the Plymouth and Devonport national breakwater

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Page 10 - There is probably no harbour on the south-west coast of England so well situated as Plymouth, for the stationing of his Majesty's fleets' that are to oppose the navies of France and Spain.
Page 18 - Estimate of the probable expense of a cut-stone pier and two light houses, to be built on the top of the great breakwater. , To 42,000 cubic yards of masonry, in the out and inside walls of the pier, 27s 38.
Page 36 - Some of the bones and fragments of bones which lay on and near the surface of the clay, have acquired a thin crust of stalagmite, but in none of them does it appear to have penetrated beyond the surface : the greater number were imbedded in the stiff clay, which adhered so firmly to them, that many were broken by the workmen in separating them from the matrix; and others have fallen to pieces since their exposure to the air; but a great proportion of the cylindrical and other bones, of the graminivorous...
Page 24 - ... Byam Martin, in his examination of Mr. Cubitt, said, " You are, no doubt, aware of the tremendous disasters that attended the long slope at Plymouth during its progress of construction, and that on two occasions the whole of the slope may be said to have been completely upset; that, on one occasion, 200 yards in length, and 30 in width, of the upper stratum of the finished part had been displaced by the violence of the sea, and the whole carried over the breakwater itself, and lodged inside;...
Page 23 - TELEGRAPH, being anchored outside the Breakwater, were driven to the head of the Sound and lost; while a deeply laden collier, anchored within its shelter, rode out the gale in safety.
Page 9 - ... grievances; they had instituted among themselves a government of their own, independent of and in opposition to the government of this State; they had, at an inclement season of the year, driven the inhabitants of an entire county from their homes, ravaged their crops, and destroyed their dwellings. Under these circumstances, it became the imperious duty of the executive, to interpose, and exercise the powers with which he was invested, to protect the lives and property of our citizens, to restore...
Page 12 - From these considerations, the reporters were decidedly of opinion, that an insulated pier or breakwater should be thrown across the middle of the entrance into the Sound...
Page 46 - In grateful commemoration of the condescension " of His Most Gracious Majesty, George IV. who conferred " upon the Town formerly known as Plymouth-Dock, the name "of Devonport, Ann. Dom. MDCCCXXIV.
Page 55 - Breakwater, and having found one of their own flags on the rocks, held it up as a signal of distress, which . fortunately was observed by Mr.
Page 54 - N. distant about seven miles: the vessel then under a single reefed mainsail, close reefed topsail, and stay foresail, on the starboard tack, laying up s.

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