Press Your Claim!: A Paradigm for Preaching Out of Personal Experience

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CrossBooks, Apr 19, 2012 - Religion
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Good preachers are always strong. They can cope with anything life throws their way. They never lose their cool. Their faith never wavers. They never grow weary. They are never frightened. This author asserts that this is far from the truth. The Shepherd bleeds just like the sheep. As a preacher herself, Huggins once thought she had to be like that—super-spiritual, always caring for others, and so close to God that nothing in life could shake her. When she suffered a painful loss, she numbed herself and put on a stoic face. Later, suddenly blindsided by the grief she had suppressed, she realized that although she was a preacher, she was also human. Not only that, but God could use her experience to help her preach with an authenticity and power she had not felt before. Being in touch with her own struggles drew her closer to Jesus; by weaving them into her sermons, directly or indirectly, she could show how God's presence manifests itself in an ordinary person's life. Now, she challenges other preachers to do the same. Our worship services, places of worship, and music styles may change over the years, but powerful, passionate preaching is timeless. Here is one preacher courageous enough to recognize her God-given humanity and allow it to contribute to her proclamation of the Gospel, making for a richer, deeper experience for all those who read the words of this book and hear her voice in the preaching moment.

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