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Page 31 - An Act to amend, consolidate, and reduce to one Act, the various acts relative to the Common Schools of the city of New York. Passed July 3, 1851. As amended by the Acts severally entitled, " An Act relative to Common Schools in the city of New York.
Page 60 - schools: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to violate the rights of conscience, as secured by the Constitution of this State and of the United States. 19. If the school moneys apportioned to the Common Schools, agreeably to the previous section of this act, shall exceed the necessary and legal
Page 55 - 3. Generally, by all the means in his power, under the regulations of the Board of Education, in respect thereto, to promote sound education, elevate the character and qualifications of teachers, improve the means of instruction, and advance the interests of the schools committed to his charge.
Page 57 - moneys apportioned to the county of New York for the support and encouragement of Common Schools therein, he shall immediately lay the same before the Board of Supervisors of said county; and the Chamberlain of the said city shall apply for, and receive the school moneys apportioned to the said county,
Page 38 - apparatus, stationery, and other things necessary and expedient to enable the said Free Academy to be properly and successfully conducted, and to keep the said building or buildings properly repaired and furnished. And the Board, upon the recommendation of the Faculty of the Free Academy, may grant the usual degrees and diplomas in the Arts to such persons as
Page 51 - 6. To render, at the expiration of their respective terms of office, to their successors, a just and true account in writing of all moneys received by them for school purposes, and of the manner in which the same shall have been expended, and to pay any balance which may remain in their hands to their successors.
Page 68 - MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. 28. The Common Council of the city of New York are hereby, authorized and directed to raise by loan, in anticipation of the taxes, when necessary, all moneys required for erecting, purchasing, or leasing school-houses, and procuring sites therefor, and the fitting up and furnishing thereof,
Page 145 - shall be made from the Primary to the Grammar Schools, semi-annually, and not oftener, except by the written permission of the City Superintendent; and no pupils shall be promoted from any Primary School, unless examined in all the studies prescribed for the First Grade of the Course of Instruction for Primary
Page 68 - 30. No compensation shall be allowed to the Commissioners, Inspectors, or Trustees of Common Schools, for any services performed by them, but the Commissioners and Inspectors shall receive their - actual and reasonable expenses while attending to the duties of their office, to be audited and allowed by the Board of Education.
Page 55 - 12. The City Superintendent shall be subject to such general rules and regulations as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction may prescribe; and appeals from his acts and decisions may be made to the Superintendent, in the same manner and with like effect, as in cases now pro vided by law; and

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