The Arabian nights' entertainments, tr. by E. Forster, with additional notes, and a historical intr. by G.M. Bussey. Standard family ed

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Page 85 - God had disposed it otherwise. Three or four days after we had set sail we were attacked by corsairs, who easily made themselves masters of our vessel, as we were not in a state for defence. Some persons in the ship attempted to make resistance, but it cost them their lives.
Page 14 - I was quite overcome. I directly procured proper dresses for her, and after marrying her in due form, she embarked with me, and we set sail. During our voyage, I found my wife possessed of so many good qualities, that I loved her every day more and more. In the meantime my two brothers, who had not traded so advantageously as myself, and who were jealous of my prosperity, began to feel exceedingly envious. They even went so far as to conspire against my life; for one night, while my wife and I were...
Page 425 - Having found one that would suit him, he hired it of the proprietor, furnished it with his goods, and established himself in it. The shop that was exactly opposite to his was that which had belonged to Cassim, and was now occupied by the son of Ali Baba. The captain of the robbers, who had assumed the name of Cogia Houssain, did not fail in the proper civilities to the merchants his neighbours, which, as being lately come, was the usual custom.
Page 73 - In the middle of his forehead one eye, red and fiery as a burning coal, stood alone: his front teeth were long and sharp, and projected from his mouth, which was as wide as that of a horse, with the under lip hanging on his breast : his ears resembled those of an elephant, and covered his shoulders: and his long and curved nails were like the talons of an immense bird. At the sight of this hideous giant we all fainted, and remained a long time like dead men.
Page 75 - This had the desired effect: all the crew saw me and the captain sent a boat for me. As soon as I was on board, the merchants and seamen were eager to learn by what chance I had reached that desert island, and after I had related to them all that had...
Page 350 - I have my reasons for it," replied the magician ; " I am your uncle, and consider myself as your father, and you ought not to make me any answer. Do not, however, my boy," added he, in a milder tone of voice, " be at all afraid ; I desire nothing of you, but that you obey me most implicitly : and this you must do, if you wish to render yourself worthy of the great advantages I mean to afford you.
Page 22 - At these words, the fish raised up their heads, and answered, "Yes, yes; we are: if you reckon, we reckon; if you pay your debts, we pay ours; if you fly, we overcome, and are content.
Page 42 - I thanked him much for his zeal and affection, but did not inform him of anything that had happened ; nor of the reason why I had returned without my hatchet and cord. I retired to my chamber, where I reproached myself a thousand times for my great imprudence. "Nothing," I cried, " could have equalled the happiness of the princess and myself, if I had been satisfied and had not broken the talisman.
Page 56 - ... after death. The admirable order and arrangement in which the trees were disposed, the abundance and variety of the fruits, many of which were unknown to me, together with their freshness and beauty, and the elegant neatness apparent in every spot, ravished me with astonishment. Nor must I neglect to inform you that this delightful garden was watered in a most singular manner ; small channels, cut out with great art and regularity, and of different sizes, conveyed the water in great abundance...
Page 13 - Both his elder brother and myself tried everything in our power to dissuade him from it, but in vain. He sold all, and with the money he bought such merchandise as he wished for his journey. He took his departure and joined a caravan. At the end of a year he also returned in the same condition as his brother did.

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