Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation

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North Atlantic Books, 2008 - Health & Fitness - 157 pages

Diet and fitness books appear at a dizzying rate – and with a wealth of dubious claims – in a culture facing increasing health problems based on a sedentary lifestyle. Ori Hofmekler's Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat pulls out of the pack by focusing on the biological principles that dictate muscle gain and fat loss. Written for the widest readership–competitive athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, martial artists, sports nutritionists and coaches, dieters, and anyone concerned about their health–the book builds on the concepts popularized in The Warrior Diet. Author Hofmekler describes in simple, lay terms how under-eating and fasting can trigger an anabolic switch that stimulates growth and rejuvenation; how to reengineer the body at the cellular level to burn fat and build muscles; and how to naturally manipulate the body's hormones for rapid muscle fusion and faster fat breakdown. Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat offers smart strategies for taking advantage of hunger to stimulate growth, burn fat, and boost brain power; techniques for turning insulin into a muscle builder instead of a fat gainer; and methods for shattering training and diet plateaus–in the process enhancing metabolic function, improving performance, and increasing the capacity to gain, and sustain, prime health.


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On page 48 near the bottom there is description of arachidonic acid (AA), that is compelling and reveals something about the body not what I read which is missing from this book.
Very simply to
correct issues in the body you need to equalize and alkalize the body, AA is a bad acid of the body, ingesting a vegan diet alkalizes the body. When meat or dairy is ingested it is treated as a foreign body and calcium leaches out of the bones and the phosphorus is used to break the toxic substance down, the loss of calcium means become susceptible to osteoporosis. Meat and dairy or acid based food or acid-forming food causes a immune response, thus lowering the ability of the immune system to defend itself and thus pro-inflammatory prostaglandins are produced in defense of the attack which there is none.
What most don't realise is meat and dairy contains so much saturated fat and cholesterol, that your body is overloaded with the toxicity, the proteins are full proteins, the body doesn't respond to full proteins, so it has heat them up using energy to break the bonds into amino acids before recombining them into the right proteins the body needs at that time, feed the body a collection of amino acids and it effortless builds the proteins needs without any extra work. Having that fat and cholesterol as well tires the body further, so when it comes to building muscle the body first has work treating the toxic waste before it can build new muscle.
In a vegan diet the only fat is EFA and this the body uses to stay at the healthy 20% body fat, the rest of the body made of muscle, if you change to a vegan diet as your body rejuvenates any fat is liquefied and goes out as waste, the enzymes in the stomach work more efficiently and thus take more of the vitamins and minerals in the food thus allowing the body to achieve optimium. Now getting fit is a easy, as the muscle increases with little exercise.
To give you an idea I turned vegan after being vegetarian for 6yrs and after 4months not doing anymore exercise than I did before I was vegan my calf muscles doubled in size. I know it is circumstantial but it is hard to ignore.
I think you need to re-read nutrition and re-write this book, you are mis-informing the public about diet and well-being.




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Ori Hofmekler is a well-known political artist and health expert. The founder, editor, and publisher of the national health and fitness magazine Mind and Muscle Power, he is the author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet and The Warrior Diet.

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