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While the book was a very interesting read, the author seems to stray away from historical fact and mix it with Myths and Legends. The Iliad and The Odyssey greatly influenced the writer and he added pieces of them into the book. He explains that there are different versions of the stories and how some stories are more actuate than others. After doing some research, many historians have actually discredited the writings of Strauss because of his use of unsecure facts. He enjoys a good story, but probably does not like that some of the ideas and stories are not based on facts. The books reading level was very simple and easy and would probably equate a high school sophomore reading level. The books style was very clean cut and the genre was one of instruction. While the book was not very long, it was very repetitive in the chapters. After reading it, someone could read the first chapter of the book and understand almost everything the book has to offer. The book does not get my personal recommendation as a historical documents or account of a historical event, but is a very entertaining book and would be a good fusion of fact and fiction for outside of the class room. This book would be well suited for someone who enjoys the works of Homer and would like to know more about what happened, but they do not care much about actual facts.
The lack of factual material in this book makes it somewhat of a bore to any true historian, but the fusion of history and folklore is great. Unfortunately, if you have seen the movie “Troy”, then you have understood most all of this book. The book was a good book, but not worth the time to read because it did not teach me anything new about the Trojan War. Being a history enthusiast, this made me sad and I would not give it to anyone who is a history enthusiast.
I enjoyed reading the book and would suggest it to anyone who wants to know more about mythology and what happened in the Iliad and the odyssey, but I would not recommend it to anyone who is looking for a factual account of the history of the Trojan War. I give “The Trojan War|” by Bruce Strauss a rating of two stars, and a rating of four out of ten because of the style, factual base, or lack there of.

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