Some of the Five hundred points of good husbandry, newly corrected and ed. by H.M.W. [2 issues].

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Page 48 - Subscribers paying two guineas annually in advance are entitled to all the publications without further payment. It is proposed to publish six volumes (of 400 pages on the average) for each year. Persons wishing to become Subscribers are requested to send their names, and those of their booksellers, to the Secretary and Treasurer, CHARLES CRAWLET, Esq., under cover, to the Publisher, Mr.
Page 44 - And blame not the wind, so the weather be dry. 13. Good fruit and good plenty doth well in the loft, Then make thee an orchard, and cherish it oft; For plant or for stock lay aforehand to cast, But set, or remove it, ere Christmas be past. 14. Set one fro another, full forty feet wide ; To stand as he stood is a part of his pride.
Page 93 - The hop for his profit I thus do exalt, It strengtheneth drink, and it favoureth malt; And being well brewed, long kept it will last, And drawing abide — if ye draw not too fast.
Page 50 - Catena Aurea. A Commentary on the Four Gospels, collected out of the Works of the Fathers by S. THOMAS AQUINAS. Uniform with the Library of the Fathers.
Page 48 - Of all other doings, house-keeping is chief, For daily it helpeth the poor with relief : — The neighbour, the stranger, and all that have need, Which causeth thy doings the better to speed. Though hearken to this, we should ever among, Yet chiefly at Christmas, of all the year long . Good cause of that use may appear by the name, Though niggardly niggards do kick at the same.
Page 31 - Hast thou a friend, as heart may wish, at will? Then use him so, to have his friendship still. Wouldst have a friend ? Wouldst know what friend is best? Have God thy friend, who passeth all the rest.
Page 47 - Atrop shall pluck us from hence by the sleeve., To Death we must stoop, be we high, be we low, But how, and how suddenly, few be that know; What carry we then but a sheet to the grave, To cover this carcass, of all that we have ? f A DESCRIPTION OF HOUSEKEEPING.
Page 92 - The sun in the south, or else southly and west, Is joy to the hop, as a welcomed guest; But wind in the north, or else northerly east, To the hop is as ill as a fray in a feast.
Page 4 - Some husbandly thriveth that never had wife, Yet scarce a good husband in goodness of life. The husband is he, that to labour doth fall, The labour of him I do husbandry call: If thrift, by that labour, be any way caught, Then is it good husbandry, else it is naught. So...
Page 42 - Vel pulcher Absolon, vultu mirabilis ? 4. Tell where is Salamon, that once so noble was ? Or where now Samson is, in strength whom none could pass ? Or worthy Jonathas, that prince so lovely bold ? Or fair Absolon, so goodly to behold ? 5.

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