An Elementary Treatise on Diseases of the Skin: For the Use of Students and Practitioners

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Macmillan and Company, 1876 - 375 страници

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Страница 331 - ... over the mass of the vastus internus muscle; on the forearms and calves of the legs, and in women, around the waist, and in the grooves occasioned by the garters. We have seen it also, but less frequently, on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet; and in two instances on the tongue, the buccal membrane, and the mucous lining of the fauces. " Lichen planus is essentially chronic and local in its habits In distribution it is generally symmetrical, but occasionally is limited to one side...
Страница iii - A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin. For the use of Students and Practitioners.
Страница 241 - In either case it now remains quiet for a week or ten days, at the end of which time the internal changes necessary having been completed, the adult moth appears and lays eggs for a new brood.
Страница 209 - English parentage, but was born and passed his early years in British Guiana. After a vaccination performed when young, his arm became greatly swollen and inflamed and large sloughs separated. Investigation revealed the fact that the vaccine virus had been taken from a negro, whose mother was a leper.
Страница 330 - ... their habits of isolated and aggregated development, their habitat, their local and chronic character, and for the melasmic stains which they leave behind them when they disappear. "The color of the pimples is a dull crimson-red, more or less vivid, and suffused a purplish or lilac tinge. . . . "In figure the papulae are flattened, smooth and depressed on the summit, angular in outline, only slightly elevated, and of a size ranging between one and three lines in diameter...
Страница 299 - Upward of twenty vaccine crusts were examined, and in every instance fungoid bodies, similar to those observed in impetigo contagiosa, were found, with the sole difference that in vaccine crusts the fungus was more abundant and more luxuriant than in the majority of crusts derived from the other affection.
Страница 259 - The Microscope has discovered, what without it could scarce have been imagined, that the Distemper we call the Itch, is owing to little insects under the Cuticula, whose continual Bitings cause an ouzing of Serum from the Cutis, and produce those Pustules or watry Bladders whereby this Disease is known.
Страница 250 - the cuticle was hypertrophied to nearly twice the thickness of that covering the adjacent skin. The rete mucosum was hypertrophied to about the same extent, and was stained with a yellow colouring matter soluble in ether. The corium, also hypertrophied, made up the rest of the tumour. The corium was densely corpusculated, the corpuscles of irregular shape and size, nonnucleated, apparently consisting of connective-tissue germs ; but on soaking the tissue in ether about half of them disappeared,...
Страница 41 - Microscope,' i. (1881) pp. 33-8. (1 fig.). the drawing. Other adjustments permit the body of the Microscope to be placed in a horizontal or any other desired position. . . . With the instrument described, any portion of the integument, from the scalp to the sole of the feet, can be conveniently examined, and a prolonged examination can be made without fatigue to the observer. It is an instrument which I cannot too highly recommend to those desiring a thorough knowledge of the surface aspect of the...
Страница 127 - Sometimes general excitement, alcoholic excess, watching, use of coffee, of certain kinds of food; sometimes a local excitement, irritating frictions, or the application of a plaster, will give rise to an eruption, often ephemeral...