Outing, Volume 24

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1894 - Sports
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Page 178 - In the afternoon they came unto a land In which it seemed always afternoon. All round the coast the languid air did swoon, Breathing like one that hath a, weary dream. Full-faced above the valley stood the moon ; And like a downward smoke, the slender stream Along the cliff to fall and pause and fall did seem. A land of streams ! some, like a downward smoke, Slow-dropping veils of thinnest lawn, did go; And some thro...
Page 112 - ... and no mervaile, for they have the sleights to meet one betwixt two, to dash him against the hart with their elbowes, to hit him under the short ribs with their griped fists and with their knees to catch him on the hip and pick him on his neck, with a hundred such murthering devices.
Page 62 - O Caledonia ! stern and wild, meet nurse for a poetic child, • land of brown heath and shaggy wood, land of the mountain and the flood, land of my sires!
Page 354 - The cava feast, the yam, the cocoa's root, Which bears at once the cup, and milk, and fruit ; The bread-tree, which, without the ploughshare, yields The unreaped harvest of unfurrow'd fields, And bakes its unadulterated loaves Without a furnace in unpurchased groves...
Page 112 - ... noses gush out with blood, sometime their eyes start out, and sometimes hurt in one place, sometimes in another.
Page 318 - RIDE a cock horse, To Banbury Cross, To see what Tommy can buy ; A penny white loaf, A penny white cake, And a two-penny apple pie.
Page 76 - And whereas the assembling of the members of community at fixed periods, conduces to health, civilization, and morality ; and such assembling without arms in a newly settled country may be attended with danger ; therefore the corps shall be paraded at ten o'clock in the morning of each first day of the week, armed, equipped, and accoutred as aforesaid, in convenient places next adjacent to the place or places ... assigned for public worship," and at other times and places, " as the commander-in-chief...
Page 112 - Collier's reprint of the 1st ed. 1583 : "as concerning football playing, I protest unto you it may rather be called a frendly kindc of fight, then a play or recreation ; a bloody and murthering practise, than a felowly sporte or pastime.
Page 112 - ... careth not, so he have him down. And he that can serve the most of this fashion, he is counted the only felow ; and who but he...
Page 442 - who leads a troop of the Guides, And thou must ride at his left side as shield on shoulder rides. Till Death or I cut loose the tie, at camp and board and bed, Thy life is his — thy fate it is to guard him with thy head.

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