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Before stressing out and being confused with the prospect of taking on social media marketing for your small business, read this book. There are some valuable reminders for the advanced social media marketer and some great instructions for the novice or intermediary user. This book is most helpful for those who feet are already wet; those who know the basics and are looking for tips and guidance before taking a swim. It’s for individuals who want to apply and commit to social media marketing in a small business setting.
The true success of this book is that it helps you to get started on the right track. It gives you the confidence to do so, as it equips you with some great ideas and ‘zen’ advice. “Twisdom” (p.81, Kindle Edition) is the result of doing Twitter right; a situation in which you are connected to an interesting group of people, sharing questions and insights about life while building a community of people you can reach out to for recommendations, kudos, or even to test the response to a new product or idea.
The book educates the reader on the basics of getting the balance of social media marketing right, clearly defining the best practices on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, while touching on video. It also thoroughly covers owning and maintaining a website and/or a blog. The book introduces metrics and provides the framework for understanding what it is all about, without going into too much detail.
For a ‘traditional’ marketer, new to social media, the chart differentiating traditional marketing and social media marketing (p. 34, Kindle Edition) is extremely helpful. The author illustrates her points with screenshots from her social media sites, which is useful. She also intersperses “Zen-Moments” into the book by way of key takeaways or summary points from professionals, experts and other authors in the field. To say she is well connected is an understatement!
My key take-away from “The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue” is that once you understand how social media sites work, you should actually take off your marketing hat and think like an average user of social media. This shift will guide the way you speak to your audience, consumer or customers and help you to thrive in the space of social media marketing. You will come off as the human you are, behind the business you run, as opposed to the marketer that most of us don’t want to hear from!
By the way, the book is ‘living’ – it has a digital counterpart, which is updated and kept current. The digital version is accessible, along with a workbook, via a password included in the hard copy or Kindle edition of the book.

Review: The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue

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Well, it's usefulness will soon be apparent. It seems to be full of good information and tips on how to manage your public profiles to generate interest in your business. Read full review

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