The Advance-guard of Western Civilization

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D. Appleton, 1888 - Southwest, Old - 343 pages
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Page 139 - the Confederacy, having been formed on the broad basis of equal rights in every part thereof, and confided to the protection and guardianship of the whole, a sacrifice of the rights of any one part to the supposed or real interest of another part would be a flagrant violation of justice,
Page 189 - and, presuming that it would have a powerful influence with me, and would secure them my favor, they added that they would throw themselves into the arms of his Majesty as subjects, and that Cumberland and Kentucky are determined to free themselves from their dependence on Congress, because that body can not protect either their
Page 318 - that the negotiations on that subject have been unnecessarily lengthy, and they expect that it be demanded categorically of the Spanish king whether he will acknowledge the right of the citizens of the United States to the free and uninterrupted navigation of the river Mississippi, and cause all obstructions, interruptions, and
Page 319 - Your remonstrants declare that it is the duty of the General Government to protect the frontiers, and that the total want of protection which is now experienced by every part of the Western frontier is a grievance of the greatest magnitude, and demands immediate redress."*
Page 179 - Nevertheless, sir, when the question was finally taken, fear and folly prevailed against reason and judgment. It was thought safer and more convenient to adhere to the recommendation of Congress, and, in consequence, it was decided that the people be advised to elect a new convention, which should meet in the month of November.
Page 292 - District in the Territory of the United States south of the river Ohio, with which appointment I have been honored by the President of the United States, I beg leave to resign that commission, at the same time assuring you that it is not through any disgust with the public service, or officers of Government, that I am induced to take this step.
Page 152 - the foundation of an intercourse with Kentucky and the settlements on the Ohio was laid, which daily increases. Previous to that time, all those who ventured on the Mississippi had their property seized by the first commanding officer whom they met, and little or no communication was kept up between the countries.
Page 138 - The prohibition of the navigation of the Mississippi has astonished the whole Western country. To sell us, and to make us vassals to the merciless Spaniards, is a grievance not to be borne.

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