The Valley of Kashmír

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the ever authentic history of kashmir Lawrence has try his best and has seen the Kashmir at very close level ...

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Page 279 - He then explained that his affairs were in so confused a state that he did not know whether he was standing on his head or his heels.
Page 3 - There's not a crime, But takes its proper change out still in crime, If once rung on the counter of this world ; Let sinners look to it.
Page 294 - The intelligible forms of ancient poets, The fair humanities of old religion, The power, the beauty, and the majesty, That had their haunts in dale, or piny mountain, Or forest by slow stream, or pebbly spring, Or chasms and watery depths; all these have vanished; They live no longer in the faith of reason.
Page 246 - Impatient horns and tolerant churning mouths 'Twixt dripping ash-boughs, — hedgerows all alive With birds and gnats and large white butterflies, Which look as if the May-flower had caught life And palpitated forth upon the wind ; Hills, vales, woods, netted in a silver mist, Farms, granges, doubled up among the hills; And cattle grazing in the watered vales, And cottage-chimneys smoking from the woods, And cottage-gardens smelling everywhere, Confused with smell of orchards.
Page 166 - I have quoted this passage to show the utter confusion that characterizes the ruins of the Avantipura temples. In my opinion their overthrow is too complete to have been the result of an earthquake, which would have simply prostrated the buildings in large masses. But the whole of the superstructure of these temples is now lying in one confused heap of stones totally disjointed from one another. I believe therefore that I am fully justified in saying, from my own experience, that such a complete...
Page 168 - Greek orders is its stereo-typed style, which, during the long flourishing period of several centuries, remained unchanged. In this respect it is so widely different from the ever-varying forms and plastic vagaries of the Hindu architecture that it is impossible to conceive their evolution from a common origin.
Page 413 - Islamabad, when nearly 1000 men were starting. And when they took leave of the friends who had accompanied them so far, loud was the sobbing of some, fervid the demeanour of all as, led by the mullah, they intoned their prayers and chanted some of their special Ramzan penitential psalms. Braver men might well have been agitated at such a time. It is certain that cholera clung to the camp, and that unburied corpses of hundreds of these poor ' begaris ' marked the whole line of march from Srinagar...
Page 171 - The temple itself is not now more than 40 feet in height, but its solid walls and bold outlines, towering over the fluted pillars of the surrounding colonnade, give it a most imposing appearance. There are no petty confused details, but all are distinct and massive, and most admirably suited to the general character of the building. Many vain speculations have been hazarded regarding the date of erection of this temple, and the worship to which it was appropriated. It is usually called the House...
Page 170 - ... excavated. The style corresponds with that of the Martand quadrangle ; but the semi-attached pillars of the arched recesses are enriched with elaborate carving of very varied character, while the large detached columns are somewhat less elegantly proportioned.
Page 176 - The sculptures over the doorways are coarsely executed in comparison with the artistic finish of the purely architectural details, and are much defaced, but apparently represent Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and the goddess Durga. The building is said to be dedicated to Vishnu as Surya or the sun-god. 'Inside the cupola is...

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