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Page 758 - If any substance or substances lias or have been mixed or packed with it, so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength so that such product when offered for sale shall deceive or tend to deceive the purchaser.
Page 758 - In the case of food or drink. 1. If any substance or substances has or have been mixed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength.
Page 758 - ... or sell, exchange or deliver, or have in his possession with the intent to sell or exchange, or expose or offer for sale or exchange such baking powder, or any mixture or compound intended for use as a baking powder...
Page 758 - Candy is a product made from a saccharine substance or substances with or without the addition of harmless coloring, flavoring, or filling materials and contains no terra alba, barytes, talc, chrome yellow, or other mineral substances or poisonous colors or flavors, or other ingredients deleterious or detrimental to health, or any vinous, malt, or spirituous liquor or compound, or narcotic drug.
Page 758 - ... dollars, and all necessary costs, including the expense of analyzing such adulterated articles when said person has been found guilty, under this act, and all such adulterated or misbranded articles may, by order of the court be seized and destroyed.
Page 758 - Third. If any valuable constituent of the article has been wholly or in part abstracted. Fourth. If it be an imitation of, or offered for sale, under the specific name of another article.
Page 282 - More than 90 per cent, of the meat markets use chemical preservatives, and in nearly every butcher's shop could be found a bottle of Freezem, Preservaline or Iceine as well as Bull Meat Flour. The amount of boracic acid employed in these meats varied to a considerable extent and expressed in terms of boracic acid in sausages and Hamburg steak would probably range from 20 grains to 45 grains per pound. Scarcely a ham can be found that does not contain borax, and in dried beef, smoked meats, canned...
Page 758 - Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall for each offense be punished by a fine of not less than...
Page 758 - If it be an imitation of, or offered for sale under the distinctive name of, another article. Second. If it is labeled or branded so as to deceive or mislead the purchaser, or purport to be a foreign product when not so, or if the contents of the package as originally put up shall have been removed, in whole or in part, and other contents shall have been placed in such package.
Page 224 - Liquozone, liquid oxygen invariably cures any trouble caused in any way by germs." It will be seen by the last statement an attempt is made to convey the idea that liquozone is liquid oxygen, a ridiculous and false statement.

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