Hygiene and Health

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1921 - Hygiene - 188 pages
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Page 20 - Rain-in-the-Face." 2. I washed not only my face but my ears and neck, and I cleaned my finger nails to-day. 3. I tried to-day to keep fingers, pencils and everything that might be unclean out of my mouth and nose. 4. I drank a glass of water before each meal and before going to bed, and drank no tea, coffee nor other injurious drinks to-day.
Page 20 - I tried to eat only wholesome food and to eat slowly. I went to toilet at my regular time. 10. I tried hard to-day to sit up and stand up straight; to keep neat, cheerful and clean-minded; and to be helpful to others. 11. I took a full bath on each of the days of the week that are checked (x). Total number of chores done each day.... "Now that is what I call a fine idea,
Page 20 - I drank four glasses of water, including a drink before each meal, and drank no tea, coffee, nor other injurious drinks today.
Page 111 - Parts of the Skin. — The skin is about as thick as the leather of your shoe.
Page 93 - A HYGROMETER is an instrument for measuring the amount of moisture in the air. Several kinds have been invented; but the hair hygrometer is the most used. This instrument is constructed from the principle that a hair elongates when moistened, and shortens when dried. The form usually given to it is shown in Fig. 154. A hair about eight inches in length is fastened at its upper...
Page 94 - The heating apparatus should be so placed as to keep a uniform temperature throughout the room of at least sixty-seven degrees during the whole school day.
Page 83 - The carbon dioxide is carried by the blood to the lungs where it is given off into the air, while the water is available for use.
Page 142 - ... and deposits, or else he has some noticeable malformation interfering with mastication. Three of the four sixth year molars are seriously affected, or else one is already lost and another decayed.
Page 37 - Bread made from wheat is so important a food that it is called the "staff of life." Whatever else we may have on our tables, we usually have plenty of bread.
Page 69 - MICROBES 67 degrees for five minutes. This heating is sufficient to kill the germs of tuberculosis.

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