The Worlds of the East India Company

Front Cover
H. V. Bowen, Margarette Lincoln, Nigel Rigby
Boydell & Brewer, 2002 - History - 246 pages
Throws light on significant aspects of the Company's history. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARITIME HISTORY

The English East India Company was one of the most powerful commercial companies ever to have existed. It laid thefoundations of the British Empire in South Asia and thus lies at the very heart of the interlinked histories of Britain and Asia. This first multi-disciplinary history of the Company to be published commemorates the four-hundredth anniversary of the founding of this unique and extraordinary institution. Historians of art, culture, cartography, empire, politics, the sea, and trade, explore the origins, operation, and influence of the Company as an organisation that remained firmly engaged in maritime commercial activity in many different spheres, even as it acted as a powerful agent of territorial expansion on the Indian subcontinent.
H.V. BOWEN is senior lecturer ineconomic and social history at the University of Leicester; NIGEL RIGBY and MARGARETTE LINCOLN work in the research department of the National Maritime Museum, London.

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As F.Gaastra written the article 1759 war and capturing Chinsura, the matter was a court cases in England from an article I possessed but I use it when the time in of 18C writings. Negotiations between the exchange of land as you mentioned in Page page 49 about the action and meeting by 17 Gentlemen was 1701 and meeting finalized in 1814 or onward in Europe or London the Volume was missing from then all actions were got up Game b2in the tow sections Dutch and English?! Our Rulers were unknown or known the Drama?Have any one find that? Amy point of view from an Indian our land exchanged and settling at China or England English written only that land exchanged Baranagar and Chinsura etc with the Dutch etc.but behind these Drama was shameful obviously who started. It is our lacuna that the question behind the plans and plan makers equally flaws on the respected Parts Dutch and English both. Regarding ship English hiring other ship with "friendly"Danish and from other in not new chapter. Ross and Halhed repeated precedents. The Ross's relative in Calcutta may exist in 1900+ as a Insurances Compagni at I notices as some Mr Ros as I noticed in and Book.One thing Clear that VOC were in 2 groups Pro British and Anti British those who few like Mr. Overbeek! Halhed was our point of view Bengali Grammar author also Married to Dutch girl but it was unexposed to us that she was daughter of Ross. 

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I am searching for Baranagar History where Portuguese,Dutch and finally English East India Companies had settled.Some of the Past Historians of the Dutch written about the Politics of the English People made the plan against the Dutch and ultimately they can rule over India and as well as Bengal. From the Josuah and John Child's period they more in politics for grabbing India than Business.After 1757 they achieved there goal,but is was prior planed. On the other hand Dutch did the super Business but never think for Grabbing India.
In this book "The Worlds of the East India Company" written as(Page 49) writer,Gaastra gives us a valuable information that Van Dam's one Volume was missing and that was with the information about Rivalry and Politics matter between the Dutch and English East India Company.Some Modern Historian of the Dutch Colonial matter ban the writings of Van der Kemp, may be it is not proper History according to Modern Historical method but it was the primary sources now comes to the verge of Truth.
Regarding Bengal here in the 18th Century was full of Corruptions in Political arena.The Nabobs and his Office was corrupted in the first half of the century and in the second half English people make them for his own plan and directed.In West Bengal State Archive within the English documents can explore some thing about and Baranagar was ceded far early that Treaty made!!!in 1824 Singapore or London,regarding the Dutch-English Treaty.Chinsurah the main colony for the Dutch was forcibly taken(or the Politics otherwise) in 1758-9 by English.Just 2-3 years ago when English prople at Bengal was in suffering by the attack of Siraj the Nabob of Bengal attacked Calcutta,the Dutch and French Helped by all means and Just after 2/3 years the English East India Company crashed their Helpers,This is the English Colonial activities.
Thanks that you have written in English otherwise it was difficulties to read Dutch and it is Indian inabilities that we do not know the Language. In my City Calcutta there is no Dutch Language School,it is for your information.


Continuities and Change in the Metropolitan Development of the East India Company 16001834
East India Company Agency Work in the British Isles 17001800
Relations Between the English and Dutch East India Companies in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth
The Company and the Mughals Between Sir Thomas Roe and Sir William Norris
The East India Company and the Trade in NonMetallic Precious Materials from Sir Thomas Roe to Diamond Pitt
An AngloChinese Partnership
Stages in the Development of Hydrographical Knowledge
The Bombay Dockyard the Indian Navy and Imperial Security in Eastern Seas 17841869
India Wine and the Emerging Atlantic Economy 17031813
The East India Company and Lascars in London
The East India Company and the Patronage of EighteenthCentury British Art
India and the East India Company in the Public Sphere of EighteenthCentury Britain
The Legacies of Two Hundred Years of Contact

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