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Great book

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There is a reason why they never returned your phone calls actually the girl at that time was only seventeen came from lake.Charles. When the hurricane hit katrina. So
the white female originally git
brought down there by a black girl name quana loc now the white girl named Jessica hung out with these girls in. mowtown keke n moo right around the. time when she met her best friend bootchi off Joe lewis now yhis is actually a very long story. Bootchi had three brothers Rico calos and doc but all of them had very different life styles but hidden talent that the girl and brothers couldn't really ever show anyone u tl I. A lot now when the rap the girl went in and ralped it was a freeestlye so funny and about as real as we all knew that it was out here any way I believe they stole a lot of those lyrics from
peachs aka quannA did have a lot her self any way

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i like this book

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