Processes on the Early Earth, Wydanie 405

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W. U. Reimold, Roger Lawrence Gibson
Geological Society of America, 1 sty 2006 - 407
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"This Special Paper presents a collection of 19 papers contributed to a joint Field Forum organized by the Geological Society of America and the Geological Society of South Africa in July 2004 in the Barberton Greenstone Belt and the Vredefort Dome, South Africa. The papers cover a wide variety of themes, including Archean and Proterozoic crust formation and geodynamics (with an appraisal of evidence of Archean subduction processes); the significance of impacts in the evolution of the early Earth's crust; traces of early life in Archean environments of Australia and South Africa and related studies of depositional environments; and processes affecting the giant Witwatersrand gold deposit."--Publisher's website.

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A review of the first 25 billion years Christian Koeberl
The early years Richard AF Grieve Mark J Cintala and Ann M Therriault
A discussion of problems related to the impact interpretation Axel Hofmann Wolf Uwe Reimold and Christian Koeberl
Issaku Kohl Bruce M Simonson and Melissa Berke
UPb LuHf and morphological characteristics of 37 Ga detrital zircon of the western Canadian Shield RP Hartlaub LM Heaman A Simonetti and CO B...
Thomas E Krogh Sandra L Kamo
Frances Westall Sjoukje T de Vries Wouter Nijman Virgile Rouchon Beate Orberger Victoria Pearson Jon Watson Alexander Verchovsky Ian Wright...
Beate Orberger Virgile Rouchon Frances Westall Sjoukje T de Vries Daniele L Pinti Christiane Wagner Richard Wirth and Ko Hashizume
Conjectures on the structural setting of the 31 Ga granite magmatism in the Barberton granitegreenstone terrain South Africa Richard W Belcher and ...
Richard A Armstrong Cristiano Lana Wolf Uwe Reimold and Roger L Gibson
Allan H Wilson and Claire E Grant
Paul HGM Dirks and Hielke A Jelsma
Aresult ofArchean to Proterozoic Turkictype orogenesis? JM Barton Jr R Klemd and A Zeh
Constraints from S O and H isotopes B Zhao LJ Robb C Harris and LJ Jordaan
Their role in metal redistribution GR Drennan and LJ Robb
Rudy H Boer and Wolf Uwe Reimold

Annika Dziggel Gary Stevens Marc Poujol and Richard A Armstrong
John W Shervais
Collisional suture zones? Carl R Anhaeusser

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