Text Book of Veterinary Medicine, Volume 4

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The author, 1906 - Veterinary medicine
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Page 241 - has prevailed along the banks of the Delaware river for a distance of 40 miles in NJ and Del., destroying from 70 to 80 per cent, of the farm stock. The great morocco industry on this river draws infected hides from India, China, Russia, Africa and South America, and the spores are carried and
Page 371 - and Hay in their History of Abraham Lincoln. According to these writers it was " a malignant form of fever,—attributed variously to malaria, and to the eating of poisonous herbs by the cattle—attacking cattle as well as human beings, attended with violent retching and a burning sensation in the stomach,
Page 26 - symptoms of that disorder depart from the usual type and an elevated temperature continues beyond the usual duration.'' (Atkinson). " The final diagnosis of septic infection must be based on the existence of an infection atrium, through which pus microbes have entered the tissues, and from which they have reached the general circulation.
Page 452 - phthisis. But not only phthisis may reasonably be considered to have one of its modes of origin in the breathing of an atmosphere contaminated by respiration, but other lung diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia, appear also to be more common
Page 363 - to i inch in diameter may be found on the inside of the lips, and cheeks, or on the palate and tongue, with, in many cases, a congested areola,
Page 296 - and in internal organs. Nocard describes the affection in the horse as characterized by red exuberant skin nodules (buttons, boils), which burst and discharge a thick, creamy, yellowish or bloody pus. The surrounding lymph plexus swells up into corded lines, with, at intervals nodules or abscesses. The infection extends to and implicates the
Page 273 - disease has often reappeared among the newly introduced horses after a stable has been abandoned for a length of time. The microbe does not grow in infusions of hay, straw or horse manure, and it is doubtful if it can maintain an active saprophytic existence. Its vitality and virulence, however,
Page 450 - but some stock owners think differently." " Huzard, who saw much of tuberculosis in the Parisian dairies in the concluding decade of the last century, said that most of the veterinarians looked upon the disease as contagious, and that some of the physicians believed the same of the phthisis of man.
Page 332 - poison, whether mixed with it before injection, or injected with it, or injected within twenty-four hours afterward. A very small amount of the serum is required and though delayed until the end of the first half of the incubation period, it is only necessary to multiply the

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