Montezuma: Warlord of the Aztecs

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Potomac Books, 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 114 pages
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Places Aztec civilization and history in the context of world history Montezuma (ca. 1466-1520), who had been educated as a priest and had served well as a military commander, ascended to the Aztec throne in about 1502 on the basis of his military record and reputation for piety. As Peter G. Tsouras demonstrates, almost immediately Montezuma transformed himself from a man of good judgment to a pitiless autocrat. He killed indiscriminately at home and waged wars of conquest against his neighbors, adding territory in contemporary Honduras and Nicaragua to his empire. In 1519, Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico at the head of a Spanish expedition. Montezuma believed the invaders to be gods fulfilling the prophecy that the god Quetzalcoatl would return. He failed to resist and cautiously offered gifts. As a result, Cortés and the conquistadors marched on the capital and seized Montezuma. The monarch fell, surrendering his power, wealth, and even the sovereignty of his people, almost gladly. He became a puppet of the Spaniards and finally allied himself in battle against his own people. When the emperor's brother at last led an uprising, the ungrateful Spaniards killed Montezuma.

Against the backdrop of ancient Mexico's rich cultural heritage, Tsouras captures the tragedy that befell Mexico during Montezuma's reign.

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One of many books on the taming of the polygamous Aztec people, the indigenous Mexica Indians some are Pueblo of the what is known now as First Nations.
Montezuma Warlord Of The Aztecs :This is an
informative read covering facts and dispelling myths about Cortes surrounding Montezuma, giving a short and accurate of how Montezuma and his personal guards were imprisoned in his own temple by Cortes whom the Aztec priests and their imperial guards wanted to kill on first sight, important points also some information on the great Mexica Indian nick named the Son Of Sam who's descendant is Axayacatl, any one wanting to find out the truth about Montezuma's betrayal by Cortes will want to read this as an introduction to Montezuma then read backwards from the line of Axayacatl and facts about Huitzilopotchli and Tezcatlipoca, for these pre -Hispanic and pre- Latino facts it is worth finding out that no Spaniard had ever seen any Mesoamerican sacrifice and all narrated or writings concerning Aztecs, Mayan or Inca on sacrificial practices noted by the conquistadors of Eastern and Western Europeans were documentation about the Aztec, Mayan and Inca where all gathered from a form hieroglyphics and narrated the tongue.
A good ****star read.

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A former U.S. Army officer, Peter G. Tsouras is a senior military intelligence analyst, a military historian, and the author or editor of two dozen works of military history and alternate history. Many of his books have been selected by the History Book Club and the Military Book Club and have been widely translated. He is the author of Britannia's Fist: From Civil War to World War--An Alternate History (Potomac Books, Inc., 2008). A regular guest on the History Channel and similar venues in Britain and Canada, Tsouras lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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