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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1906 - Logic - 509 pages
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Page 74 - forms of language : that the course of nature is uniform : that the universe is governed by general laws. By means of it we infer from the known to the unknown : from facts observed to facts unobserved : from what we have perceived or been directly conscious of, to what has not come within our experience.
Page 469 - Endurance, the Christian's Portion. Quinquagesima: Love, the One Thing Needful. Lent: The Individuality of the Soul—Life, the Season of Repentance—Bodily Suffering—Tears of Christ at the Grave of Lazarus—Christ's Privations, a Meditation for Christians—The Cross of Christ the Measure of the World. Good Friday : The Crucifixion. Easter Day : Keeping Fast and Festival.
Page 470 - Christ and His Followers—The Christian Church a Continuation of the Jewish—The Principles of Continuity between the Jewish and Christian Churches—The Christian Church an Imperial Power—Sanctity the Token of the Christian Empire—Condition of the Members of the Christian Empire—The Apostolic Christian—Wisdom and InnocenceInvisible Presence of
Page 468 - :—The Strictness of the Law of Christ—Obedience without Love, as instanced in the Character of Balaam—Moral Consequences of Single Sins—Acceptance of Religious Privileges Compulsory—Reliance on Religious Observances—The Individuality of the Soul—Chastisement amid Mercy—Peace and Joy amid Chastisement—The State
Page 469 - CONTENTS:—Advent: Self-Denial the Test of Religious Earnestness—Divine Calls— The Ventures of Faith—Watching. Christmas Day : Religious Joy. New Year's Sunday : The Lapse of Time. Epiphany : Remembrance of Past Mercies — Equanimity—The Immortality of the Soul — Christian Manhood — Sincerity and Hypocrisy—Christian Sympathy. Septuagésima: Present Blessings. Sexagésima ; Endurance, the Christian's Portion. Quinquagesima: Love, the One Thing Needful.
Page 470 - Outward and Inward Notes of the Church—Grounds for Steadfastness in our Religious Profession—Elijah the Prophet of the Latter Days—Feasting in Captivity—The Parting of Friends. Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations. Crown
Page 471 - Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. each. i. The Turks. 2. Cicero. 3. Apollonius. 4. Primitive Christianity. 5. Church of the Fathers. 6. St. Chrysostom. 7. Theodoret. 8. St. Benedict. 9. Benedictine Schools, io. Universities, n. Northmen and Normans. 12.
Page 474 - General Metaphysics. By JOHN RICKABY, SJ Crown 8vo. 55. Psychology. By MICHAEL MÄHER, SJ, D.Litt., MA Lond. Crown 8vo. 6s. 6d. Natural Theology. By BERNARD BOEDDER, MA, SJ Crown 8vo 6s. 6d. Political Economy. By CHAS. S. DEVAS, MA Crown 8vo. 75. 6d
Page 346 - a heap) is a heap or string of propositions in which the predicate of each is the subject of the following, the final conclusion being composed of the subject of the first proposition and the predicate of the last, as All the children of Jacob are Jews, All Jews appreciate the value of money, All who appreciate the value of money make good bargains,
Page 270 - This is excellently expressed by Mill. " When I judge that All oxen ruminate, what do I mean by all oxen ? I have no image in my mind of all oxen. I do not, nor ever shall, know all of them, and I am not thinking even of all those I do know.

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