Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Arctic Ocean, in 1833, 1834, and 1835: Under the Command of Capt. Back, R.N.

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R. Bentley, 1836 - Arctic regions
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Page 126 - occupations, exclaimed with the poet, " Oh ! there is sweetness in the mountain air, And life, that bloated ease can never hope to share." Early in March, George Sinclair with
Page 170 - then laid upon a scaffold set up for its reception within the lodge. Near the nose was placed a large quantity of tobacco." " The next morning no sooner appeared than preparations were made for a feast to the manes. The lodge was
Page 118 - wounded by a musket-ball and driven off, returned after it became dark, whilst the blood was still flowing from its wound, and carried off a dog from amongst fifty others, that howled piteously, but had not courage to unite in an attack on their enemy. However pressed by hunger, the
Page 170 - and swept, and the head of the bear lifted up, and a new Stroud blanket, which had never been used before, spread under it. The pipes were now lit; and
Page 46 - a temporary interchange of wives is not uncommon, and the offer of their persons is considered as a necessary part of the hospitality due to strangers.
Page 138 - so strikingly similar to the cry of the marmot, that did not the burrowing-owls of the West Indies, where no marmots exist, utter the same sound, " it might be inferred that the marmot was the unintentional tutor to the young owl.
Page 45 - it does not appear that chastity is considered by them as a virtue, or that fidelity is believed to be essential to the happiness of a wedded life: a temporary interchange of wives is not uncommon, and the
Page 154 - but much harsher. He kept his ground without attempting to molest them, and they on their part whirled round and galloped off. Also, in a manuscript account
Page 144 - its retreat is cut off, it shows its teeth, sets up its hair, arches its back, and makes a hissing noise like a cat;
Page 122 - of his tormentors. He soon took food from the hand, but not until he had first used every exertion to reach and bite the fingers which conveyed it. This boldness gave me great hopes of being able to keep my little captive alive through the winter; but he was killed by an accident.

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