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This Author is my favorite one. I have been reading his boks from a long time. I like the way he presented the real life stories and created the real image in the readers mind in such a deep extent that reader feels as he/she is leaving the story not reading the story. He used to pick the social problems of the time that still set an example for the people of this time too.

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William David Outerson , son was passed away long years ago. According to him he said his name of the son is G. William, he was a Doctor , his mother name is Jane ,the name of the girl friend of William David Outerson, his son to his girl friend was born seven years after second World War , not some body or any one presenting son of any body not the man or person called to Nazary, presenting son of William David,those man Bustamante ,is not son,of Mr.W.D. Outerson, and the daughter of William David the couple help to them was also died to accedent she

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