Materials for a History of Oil Painting, Volume 2

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1869 - Painting - 561 pages
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Page 431 - The Correlation of Physical Forces. By WR GROVE, QCVPRS Fifth Edition, revised, and Augmented by a Discourse on Continuity. 8vo. 10s.
Page 432 - THE HISTORY OF OUR LORD, as exemplified in Works of Art, with that of His Types, St. John the Baptist, and other persons of the Old and New Testament.
Page 431 - Woodcuts, 10s. 6d. ITALIAN SCULPTORS ; being a History of Sculpture in Northern, Southern, and Eastern Italy. By CC PERKINS. With 30 Etchings and 13 Wood Engravings. Imperial Svo. 42s. TUSCAN SCULPTORS, their Lives, Works, and Times. With 45 Etchings and 28 Woodcuts from Original Drawings and Photographs.
Page 240 - Wilkie observes of this picture : — * " The famous St. Jerome (or the Day) takes the lead; this, for force, richness, beauty, and expression, makes everything give way. Hundreds of copies have been made, but all poor compared with the fearless glazings, the impasted bituminous shadows of this picture.
Page 25 - Cimbrian coasts, and only subsequently to the Baltic and the country of the Esthonians, owes its first origin to the boldness and perseverance of Phoenician coast navigators. In its subsequent extension, it offers, in the point of view of which we are treating, a remarkable instance...
Page 34 - If my experiments have not misled me, I am entitled to draw the following conclusions from them : — Wherever a picture was found possessing evidently superior brilliancy of colour, independent of what is produced by the painter's skill in colouring, that brilliancy is derived from the admixture of some resinous substance in the vehicle. If it does not yield on the application of spirit of turpentine and spirit of wine, separately or together...
Page 33 - The solution in rape-seed oil, and in oil of almonds, was of a fine yellowish colour ; in linseed oil, gold coloured ; in oil of poppy-seeds, yellowish red; in oil of olive, of a beautiful red ; in oil of nuts, deeper coloured; and in oil of bays, of a purplish red. It is observable that this last oil, which of itself, in the greatest common heat of the atmosphere, proves a thick butyraceous consistence, continued fluid when the amber was dissolved in it. The solutions...
Page 251 - ... the shadows in the light parts of a faint purple hue; at least they were so at first. That purple hue seems to be occasioned by blackish shadows under, and the colour scumbled over them. " I copied the Titian in the Colonna collection with white, umber, minio, cinnabar, black ; the shadows thin of colour.
Page 250 - is dead-coloured white, and black or ultra-marine in the shadows; and over that is scumbled thinly and smooth a warmer tint — I believe caput mortuum. The lights are mellow, the shadows bluish, but mellow. The picture is painted on a panel in a broad, large manner, but finished like an enamel ; the shadows harmonize, and are lost in the ground.
Page 243 - ... a supernatural illusion, is eminently successful; it looks neither forced nor improbable. Whatever the Notte may have been, the hand of the picture-cleaner is here manifest ; and those who like bright day-light effect will have it here to their heart's content. Correggio did not, like Rembrandt, in these effects attempt to give the colour of lamplight ; the phosphorescent quality of light was more his aim, as in his 'Christ in the Garden.

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