Augusta County, Virginia in the History of the United States

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Kentucky State Historical Society, 1918 - Augusta County (Va.) - 145 pages
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Page 40 - Clay as an orator and first western lawyer to appear before the Supreme Court of the United States, killed at Tippecanoe, in honor of whom counties in four States are named.* Dr.
Page 60 - Dr. William Owen, who reset the entire shaft of the tibia, preserving the periosteum, as early as 1816. Dr. Robert J. Preston, alienist and president of the American Medico-Psychological Association. Major Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy. Dr. Francis T. Stribling, prime mover in the organization of the Association of Medical Superintendents of Institutions for the Insane. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, chief of the United States Bureau of Chemistry. Dr.
Page 38 - Captain John S. Brooks, aide to Colonel James W. Fannin at the Fannin massacre, and who, unable to walk, was carried out and shot by the Mexicans. Morgan Bryan (Bryant), one of the first men to "take up land
Page 19 - William Preston, Minister to Spain, Minister* of the Confederate States to Mexico.
Page 17 - Attorney General. John Cabell Breckinridge, Secretary of War of the Confederate States (supra). John Caldwell Calhoun, Secretary of State, Secretary of War (supra). John G. Carlisle, Secretary of the Treasury. Samuel P. Carson, Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas. Jacob McGavock Dickinson, Secretary of War. Richard G. Dunlap, Secretary of War of the Republic of Texas. John B. Floyd, Secretary of War. David Rowland Francis, Secretary of the Interior. Nathan Goff, Jr., Secretary of the Navy....
Page 44 - Kick• apoos to the Wabash, and who became a resident of Illinois in 1786. The Reverend Moses Montgomery Henkel, missionary to the Wyandotte Indians. John Smith Herring, superintendent of the survey of the Virginia military lands of the West. The Reverend Robert Hopkins, missionary to the Dakota Indians. Samuel Houston, commander•in•chief of the Texan armies, in honor of whom Houston county, Minnesota, Houston county, Tennessee, and Houston county, Texas, are named (supra).
Page 26 - ... After the war, there have been many more — such as Edward J. Gay of Louisiana, Jordan E. Cravens of Arkansas, and William P. McLean of Texas in the farthest south, William R. Ellis of Oregon and Lindley H. Hadley of Washington in the farthest west, Lafe Pence of Colorado and Charles B.
Page 20 - GENERAL OFFICERS OF ARMIES The following are general officers in the Continental, United States, Confederate States and foreign armies. General officers of volunteers and by brevet in the United States army are included. Unless within the foregoing classes, there are here no general officers of militia or state troops : Andrew Jonathan Alexander. J. Patton Anderson, CSA Matthew Arbuckle. John C. Bates. James Franklin Bell. • David B. Birney. William Birney.
Page 39 - Company, associate of Carson and Meek, Indian agent in Washington and assistant to Governor Isaac I. Stevens in making treaties with the Washington and Idaho Indians, incorrectly credited with having given the State of Idaho its name. Thomas Brown Craighead, legislator of Arkansas, in honor of whom Craighead county, Arkansas, is named. Colonel Joseph Crockett, commander of the Crockett regiment in the Illinois campaign with General George Rogers Clark.
Page 15 - Orange county until the former was legislated ernor of Kentucky (Note — The Shelbys and others were considered as living in what was believed to be Virginia, but afterwards surveys placed this habitation south of the Virginia State line); Colonel John Todd, pioneer, first county• lieutenant of the county of Illinois, killed at the Blue Licks,, in honor of whom Todd county, Illinois, and Todd county,. Kentucky, are named, father of the wife of Robert J.

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