History of the Y.M.C.A. in the Le Mans Area

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Arcady Press and mail advertising Company, Incorporated, 1920 - World War, 1914-1918 - 218 pages

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Page 103 - He took the Paris editions of The New York Herald, the Chicago Tribune and the London Daily Mail...
Page 62 - To-night is a good night for reading, the light cold rain outside increasing the feeling of comfort and security roused by the burning logs. The room has a blue haze of smoke from pipe and cigarette, and there is the glow from the fire, and the sheen of holly in the bowl on the mantle.
Page 62 - A man has just come in for light fiction to take his thoughts from gloomy things. He is a musician and the chief duty of his band now is to play for five or six funerals every morning. 'It gets on a fella's nerves,' he says, 'knowing the way those chaps got through the Argonne and St. Mihiel and were taken by the flu when they're waiting to go home.
Page 6 - Cross, the Knights of Columbus, the Jewish Welfare Board and the American Library Association were all represented.
Page 62 - Even the fellows that don't think of going into the contracting business are fixing to get married when they go home and want to know something about houses. So they come to school.
Page 62 - She sees from morning to night a constant stream of wet, tired, home-sick, bored, disconsolate men — men suffering from a sudden let-down in tension and from lack of occupation for their minds.
Page 102 - As you will remember the YMCA undertook the responsibility of establishing an educational system for the AEF at a period when the Army itself had to dedicate its entire personnel and resources to crushing Prussianism.
Page 62 - It gets on a fellow's nerves," he says, "knowing the way those chaps got through the Argonne and Saint Mihiel anil were taken by the 'flu' when they're waiting to go home." I give him the most diverting novel I can find, for his is a mournful job. Another dismal visitor arrives. He is the official photographer of the funerals and wants me to choose the photographs which should go to the mothers.
Page 120 - The dances in Le Mans proper were always interesting, but it was the dances in the little towns that provided the variety. When the girls started from their canteens and offices for one of these, they never knew what kind of a place they were bound for.
Page 61 - ... home and bored to tears by army routine in peace time, who feel that their families and their business need them now more than the army does. "I look from the window in the evening into a muddy courtyard where a file of men waits to come into the canteen and the reading- and writing-rooms.

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