American Sketches

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D. Longworth, at the Shakspeare-Gallery, 1819 - 120 pages
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Page 6 - To cheer the shivering native's dull abode. And oft, beneath the od'rous shade Of Chili's boundless forests laid, She deigns to hear the savage youth repeat, In loose numbers wildly sweet, Their feather-cinctured chiefs, and dusky loves. Her track, where'er the goddess roves, Glory pursue, and gen'rous Shame, Th' unconquerable Mind, and freedom's holy flame.
Page 105 - The eye that was sparkling, no longer is bright ; The arm of the mighty, death conquered its might ; The bosoms that once for their country beat high, — To those bosoms the sods of the valley are nigh. Sleep, soldiers of merit ! sleep, gallant of yore ! The hatchet is fallen, the struggle is o'er. While the fir-tree is green, and the wind rolls a wave, The tear-drop shall brighten the turf of the brave.
Page 3 - ... The volumes of scientifical and literary societies or academies are infinite. The mineral, the vegetable, and the animal kingdoms have been accurately examined, and the result brought to public view, in crowded and bulky tomes. The minutest productions of nature have been described with prolixity ; from the hyssop on the wall to the cedar of Lebanon, from the atom to the mountain, from the mite to man, the whale, and the elephant. The study of antiquities has added greatly to the number of books....
Page 105 - And the rank grass encircles a few scattered bones. The names of the fallen the traveller leaves Cut out with his knife in the bark of the trees, But little avail his affectionate arts, For the names of the fallen are graved in our hearts. The voice of the hunter is loud on the breeze.
Page 18 - His arm through the ocean bad led to the shore, Where their perils were ended, their wanderings were o'er. All hushed were the breezes, the ocean at rest Was bright in the radiance that lingered at even, The prayer of the pilgrims arose from each breast, Each tongue utter'd forth hallelujahs to heaven. The arm of Jehovah had led to the shore, Where their perils were ended, their wanderings were o'er.
Page 17 - Who supports liy his smile, or can blast with his frown, To him their returns of thanksgiving addressing. His arm through the ocean had led to the shore, Where their perils were ended, their wanderings were o'er.
Page 47 - MONTGOMERY'S RETURN. There came down the Hudson, one bright summer's even, Not a chieftain from war, nor a spirit from heaven, For the warrior expired as the brave wish to die, When danger was threat'ning and glory was nigh, But the corpse of that warrior, the bones of the brave, Tho' forty years buried, came down the dark ware.
Page 22 - Nothing but ruin, utter ruin, to the North, to the South, to the East, to the West, will follow the prosecution of this contest.
Page 9 - Europeans may ridicule our name, our country and our prospects, but in the clime so grossly misrepresented and defamed, it is not possible for them to deny, that an ample and most interesting field is open for literary speculations and exertions. The character and civil habits, the piety and magnanimity of the first settlers, the sufferings and devotedness of the missionaries, who penetrated into dreary forests and the abodes of savages ; the socie ties of christianized Indians ; the character? of...
Page 104 - Those brave men have long been unconscious and dead, The pines murmur sadly above their green bed, And the owl and the raven chant loudly and drear When the moon-beam o'er Lovellspond shines on their bier. The light of the sun has just sunk in the wave, Oh, in billows of blood sat the sun of the brave; The waters complain as they roll o'er the stones, And the rank grass encircles a few scatter'd bones. The eye that was sparkling no longer is bright, The arm of the mighty death conquer'd its might;...

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