The Life of Field Marshal Souvarof: With Reflections Upon the Principal Events, Political and Military, Connected with the History of Russia, During Part of the Eighteenth Century

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E. J. Coale, 1814 - Russia - 305 pages
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Page 287 - The first tears, the second throws down, and the third perfects the work. Rules for Diet. Have a dread of the hospital ! German physic stinks from afar, is good for nothing, and rather hurtfuL A Russian soldier is not used to it. Messmates know where to find roots, herbs, and pismires. A soldier is inestimable. Take care of your health ! Scour the stomach when it is foul ! Hunger is the best medicine ! He who neglects his men...
Page 284 - In the light artillery and heavy artillery, not one in ten. If you see the match upon a gun, run up to it instantly — the ball will fly over your head — The...
Page 291 - If a peasant knows not how to plough, the corn will not grow ! One wise man is worth three fools ! and even three are little, give six ! and even six are little!, give ten ! One clever fellow will beat them all — overthrow them —and take them prisoners!
Page 284 - Even when he's dead, you may get a scratch from his sabre. If the sabre is near your neck, dodge back one step, and push on again. Stab the second ! — stab the third!
Page 285 - Intrenchments, in the Field. The ditch is not deep — the rampart is not high — Down in the ditch ! Jump over the wall ! work with your bayonet ! Stab ! Drive ! Take them prisoners! Be sure to cut off the cavalry, if any are at hand...
Page 287 - The kettle-waggons and the tent-wnggons go on before. When the brothers'' arrive the kettle is ready. The master of the mess instantly serves out the kettle. For breakfast four hours' rest, and six or eight hours at night, according as the road proves.
Page 288 - s only a punishment for neglect, if health ensues. In hospitals, the first day the bed seems soft — the second, comes French soup — and the third, the brother is laid in his coffin, and they draw him away ! One dies, and ten companions around him inhale his expiring breath.
Page 288 - From the half-confessing, the guessing, lying, deceitful, the palavering equivocation, squeamishness, and nonsense of don't know, many disasters originate. Stammering, hackering and so forth; it's shameful to relate ! A soldier should be sound, brave, firm, decisive, true, honourable ! Pray to God ! from him comes victory and miracles ! God conducts us ! God is our general ! For the I don't know, an officer is put in the guard; A staff-officer is served with an arrest at home.
Page 287 - Don't give them a moment's rest.! 3. Energy. One leg strengthens the other ! One hand fortifies the other ! By firing many men are killed! The enemy has also hands; but he knows not the Russian bayonet ! (alluding to the Turks.) Draw out the line immediately; and instantly attack with cold arms ! (the bayonet.) If there is not time to draw out the, line, attack, from the defile, the infantry, with the bayonet; and the cavalry will be at hand. If there be a defile for a verst, and cartridges over...
Page 284 - If you sec the match upon a gun , run up to it instantly — the ball will fly over your head — The guns are yours — the people are yours ! Down with 'em upon the spot!

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