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PRIVATE GAMES is the latest installment in James Patterson's Private series. Private is an international investigation firm with offices in all major capitals of the world, including London, where the book is set. Mark Sullivan, a renowned author with several acclaimed thrillers to his credit, assists Patterson in the writing of this thrillaminute, plotdriven story full of twists and turns. It's ... Read full review

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Just awful - more errors than a Dan Brown novel - Has James Patterson ever been to London It wouldn't seem so from this book. Why a multi-millionaire author can't be bothered to do some basic research is beyond me. At one point the hero tells one of the Furies that if she is caught she will go to the gallows - Here's a hint James there has been no capital punishment in the UK for 50 years!!!! Armed PI's - no way! and who are the "Queen's Guards" - not a regiment I've ever heard of. and so on ... error after error and as for the ending -well... the hero cuts his bindings with a piece of broken hackneyed is that? Oh and by the way JP the Olympic Flame was not at the top of the Olympic Tower and was never planned to be. 

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Reviewed by Dianne C. for Readers Favorite
London, 2012, the Olympic games; a fanatic who thinks he is Chronus (Greek god: father of the Olympian gods and goddesses)...says he is going to restore
the Olympic games to their former glory...rid the games of the corruption, drugs that enhance the Olympians' performances, and greed! Cronus has murdered Olympians, and their trainers. Do the Olympics have a chance to proceed as normal, or will the Olympics have to be called off? Can Peter Knight, Private's (renowned investigative firm) top investigator, and reporter Karen Pope uncover the evil genius' identity? Those two have to keep 10,000 Olympians safe, while trying to keep ahead of Chronus and what Peter and Karen are doing.
I really enjoyed this book! It kept me on the edge of my seat, and with the Olympics coming to London this summer it made me ask: could this really happen? The book is action packed, and went smoothly from chapter to chapter all through the book! The characters are very believable, and human. James Patterson outdid himself on this one; very realistic. Mr. Patterson must have really studied all the details of the Olympic site, and all the security protocols used by the Olympic Security team. He made the characters come to life, and makes you feel just as if you were there at the Olympics watching the games with Peter Knight, and all the Olympians! I would rate this book a 5 out of 5!

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awesme plot and awsm ending my peeps

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