Utopia: And History of King Richard III

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Hilliard, Gray, 1834 - Utopias - 320 pages
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Page 194 - He was close and secret, a deep dissimuler, lowly of countenance, arrogant of heart, outwardly coumpinable where he inwardly hated, not letting to kiss whom he thought to kill ; dispiteous and cruel, not for evil will alway, but öfter for ambition, and either for the surety or increase of his estate. Friend and foe was
Page 249 - given, one cried treason without the chamber. Therewith a door clapped, and in come there rushing men in harness as many as the chamber might hold. And anon the protector said to the lord Hastings ; "I arrest thee, traitor." " What! me, my lord?" quod he. " Yea, thee, traitor," quod the protector. And another let flee
Page 247 - boldest with him, answered and said, " that they were worthy to be punished as heinous traitors, whatsoever they were." And all the other affirmed the same. " That is (quod he) yonder sorceress, my brother's wife, and other with her," (meaning the queen.) At these words many of the other lords were greatly abashed that
Page 249 - at the lord Stanley, which shrunk at the stroke, and fell under the table, or else his head had been cleft to the teeth ; for as shortly as he shrank, yet ran the blood about his ears. Then were they all quickly bestowed in divers chambers, except the lord
Page 80 - for we who measure all things by money, give rise to many trades that are both vain and superfluous, and serve only to support riot and luxury. For if those who work were employed only in such things as the conveniencies of life require, there would be such an abundance of them,
Page 302 - took up the bodies again, and secretly interred them in such place, as by the occasion of his death, which only knew it, could never since come to light. Very truth is it and well known, that at such time as Sir James Tyrrel was in the Tower, for treason committed against
Page 80 - of life require, there would be such an abundance of them, that the prices of them would so sink, that tradesmen could not be maintained by their gains. If all those who labor about useless things, were set to more profitable employments, and if all they that languish out their lives in sloth and
Page 161 - any thing he pleases ; nor do they drive any to dissemble their thoughts by threatenings, so that men are not tempted to lie or disguise their opinions ; which being a sort of fraud, is abhorred by the Utopians. They take care indeed to prevent their disputing in defence of these opinions,
Page 259 - her, anon her husband (as he was an honest man, and one that could his good, not presuming to touch a king's concubine) left her up to him altogether. When the king died, the lord chamberlain took her ; which, in the king's days, albeit he was sore enamoured upon her, yet he forbare her,
Page 54 - to be alike fitting at all times. But there is another philosophy that is more pliable, that knows its proper scene, accommodates itself to it, and teaches a man with propriety and decency to act that part which has fallen to his share. If when 'one of Plautus's comedies is upon the stage, and a

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