The Botany of Captain Beechey's voyage

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Page 392 - But the great beauty of Californian vegetation is a species of Taxodium, which gives the mountains a most peculiar, I was almost going to say awful appearance — something which plainly tells us we are not in Europe.
Page 392 - I have repeatedly measured specimens of this tree 270 feet long and 32 feet round at three feet above the ground. Some few I saw, upwards of 300 feet high; but none in which the thickness was greater than those I have instanced.
Page 38 - Carbon grows in the district of Guasco, Coquimbo, and Cuzcuz. It is short and thick, and used for small articles of turnery; but it is incomparable for firewood. Two logs, that might not each be more than a yard long and one-third thick, suffice to keep a stew boiling, night and day, besides other kettles, enough for eight or ten people.”—Account of Trees and Shrubs in App.
Page 315 - Snake Country " specimens were gathered in the summer of 1837 by a friend of Mr Tolmie, who conducted a party from Fort Vancouver on the Columbia to the rendezvous of the American trappers in the interior ol California, ie, southern Idaho.
Page 398 - C. venustus there is, just above the base of the petals, an oblong tuft of rather loose hairs, which gradually scatter themselves over the petal for a short distance round the tuft ; but in C. splendens the tuft is smaller, and composed of very short firm hairs, collected into a compact oblong mass, almost resembling a wart, and separated by a smooth interval from the scattered hairs of the petal, which are long and numerous.
Page 221 - It varies from an inch and a half to two inches in length, and divides into the right carotid and the right subclavian arteries.
Page 397 - Nutt., from which it differs in its broader leaves, and differently shaped capsule. It is a most remarkable plant, with the habit of a lily : its flowers are apparently pale yellow, narrow at the base, and not unlike those of Lilium pudicum.
Page 341 - ... flower-garden. The flowers are large in proportion to the size of the plant, and they are of a rich brown and yellow. It is quite hardy, and only requires sowing in March or April in the open border. SAPI'NDUS.
Page 319 - The trisepalous calyx, and numerous distinct ovaria, would have placed it in the former Order, were it not for the structure of the anthers, the very deciduous sepsIs, and the general habit, which do not admit of its being removed from Papaveracetw, especially considering its close' affinity with EsclÓscholtzia, (ClÓryseis, Lindl.) through Platystišjma and Dendromecon.

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