A compendious musical grammar, tr. with additions and improvements by J. Jousse

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Page xiii - The first seven letters of the alphabet, A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
Page 80 - A to be the principal sound, or key note, from A to B a tone, from B to C a semitone, from C to D a tone, from D to a tone.
Page 79 - The minor scale has three forms: the "pure" or "natural" minor, in which the semitones lie between the second and third degrees and between the fifth and sixth degrees, and the melodic and harmonic forms, in which the sixth and seventh degrees undergo alteratinn.
Page 10 - The demisemiquaver j* is half of the semiquaver, a quarter of the quaver, and an eighth of the crotchet : eight demisemiquavers must therefore be played to one beat. The duration of the notes therefore varies according to their form. LESSON XII. ON THE DOT AND DOUBLE DOT. Q. What is the effect of a dot placed after a note ? A. It makes the note half as long again, and saves a repetition of the note. A minim dotted is equal to a minim and a crotchet or three crotchets, a crotchet dotted is equal to...
Page 14 - Three types are commonly used: the G or treble clef; the F or bass clef; and the C clef. The...
Page v - ... do the Lyons editor the justice to say, that he has introduced no bombast in the title-page. In the translator's preface he says, " The theory of the musical art, being chiefly studied by young people, should be written with clearness and precision. The present grammar is divested of all obscure and abstruse definitions.
Page 79 - Of the Minor Scale. Q. How is the minor scale formed ? A. It consists, as the major scale, of five tones and two semitones; but these are differently placed ; they occur between the second and third degrees, and between the fifth and sixth.
Page 5 - A minim is equal to two crotchets, or four quavers, or eight semiquavers, or sixteen demisemiquavers.
Page 4 - A. A semibreve is equal to two minims, or four crotchets, or eight quavers, 6 or sixteen semiquavers, or thirty-two demisemiquavers.
Page 34 - On Syncopation. Q. What is syncopation ? A. Syncopation takes place when the unaccented part of the bar is joined with the accented part.

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