Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel: Text, appendices and glossary

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John Earle, Charles Plummer
Clarendon Press, 1892 - Great Britain

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Page xiii - ... 636, ed. Cecily Clark, The Peterborough Chronicle 1070-1154, Oxford 1958. Portion excerpted: 1100-1154. 33 pages. About 11,800 words. Reference to year and line. Prose. Compared with ed. of J. Earle and C. Plummer in Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel, Oxford 1892-99. - 1100-24, 1125-49, 1150-74. Written in the first instance about the year 1122 and continued in various hands to 1154, Plummer p. xii; the years 1132-54 written shortly after 1154, Forsstrom (1948) p. 82, Karlberg (1954) p. 314,...
Page 267 - Hi laeiden gaeildes on the tunes aeure umwile, and clepeden it 'tenserie'. Pa Pe uurecce men ne hadden nammore to gyuen, Pa raeueden hi and brendon alle the tunes, 8at wel Pu myhtes faren al a daeis fare, sculdest thu neure finden man in tune sittende, ne land tiled. Pa was corn daere, and flee and caese and butere, for nan ne waes o Pe land.

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