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Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1908 - Research
"Bibliography of publications relating to work of investigators, associates, and collaborators" included in each volume, beginning with v. 3.

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Page 3 - John S. Billings, Charles D. Walcott, S. Weir Mitchell, John Hay, Elihu Root, and Carroll D. Wright, or any four of them, at the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, by notice served in person or by mail addressed to each trustee at his place of residence; and the said trustees, or a majority thereof, being assembled, shall organize and proceed to adopt by-laws, to elect officers and appoint committees, and generally to organize the said corporation; and said trustees herein named, on...
Page 1 - That the objects of the corporation shall be to encourage, in the broadest and most liberal manner, investigation, research, and discovery, and the application of knowledge to the improvement of mankind...
Page 4 - SEC. 8. That Congress may from time to time alter, repeal, or modify this Act of incorporation, but no contract or individual right made or acquired shall thereby be divested or impaired.
Page 5 - MEETINGS 1. The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees shall be held in the City of Washington...
Page 3 - National Education Association of the United States;" and that the Board of Trustees of the corporation hereby incorporated shall thereupon, if the charter granted by this act be accepted, receive, take over, and enter into possession, custody, and management of all property, real and personal...
Page 3 - ... expend the income of the corporation in such manner as in their judgment will best promote the objects herein set forth and in general to have and use all powers and authority necessary to promote such objects and carry out the purposes of the donor. The said trustees shall have further power from time to time to hold as investments the securities hereinabove referred to so transferred by Andrew Carnegie, and any property which has been or may be transferred to them or such corporation by Andrew...
Page 4 - ... succeed to the obligations and liabilities and to be held liable to pay and discharge all of the debts, liabilities, and contracts of the said corporation so existing to the same effect as if such new corporation had itself incurred the obligation or liability to pay such debt or damages, and no...
Page 1 - Association, are hereby incorporated and declared to be a body corporate of the District of Columbia by the name of the "National Education Association of the United States," and by that name shall be known and have perpetual succession with the powers, limitations, and restrictions herein contained.
Page 6 - ... and, subject to the authority of the Board and the Executive Committee, shall have immediate charge of the administration of its affairs and of the work undertaken by it or with its funds. He shall devote his entire time to the work of the association.
Page 3 - ... corporations for investment, according to the laws of the District of Columbia or in such securities as may be transferred to them or authorized for investment by any deed of trust or gift or by any deed of gift or last will and testament to be hereafter made or executed.

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