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it's my favorite book!!!! it's a true work of art -- symbolism, history, philosophy. i've reread it and reread it!!! i'm actually planning on doing my sr. thesis on it.....=)

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The famous opening line 'It was the best of times it was the wost of times' has captured readers generation after generation. This book will do such that, capture you and not let go till done. read it.

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It took a while to get through, especially since I was reading it on a semi-deadline. I really didn't like the first "book", the second half of the second was better, but as soon as I got to the last 5 chapters, I couldn't put it down. The main character of the book is not so easily found, but as soon as Dickens revealed him for who he was, he quickly became my favorite literary character of all time. Forget Edward Cullen, or any of those pop icons of "literature"! Read the classics instead. 

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A dashing story that depicts the French Revolution in a personal light. Through the eyes of Sydney Carton and The Manettes, the reader is taken on a journey like no other. A masterpiece such as this could only be depicted by the one and only Charles Dickens. I highly reccomed this book to anyone in search of a good novel.  

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