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1875 - Asia
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Page 143 - This was, however, fortunately not the case, since these earth-currents, which during magnetic storms became so violent, seemed to exist permanently, only of very feeble strength, and it was on this subject that he would give some observed facts." The general outline of the rest of Mr. Schwendler's communication will be best given in extracts from his paper, which will be printed in full in Part II. of the Journal. Mr. Schwendler says : " The currents observed at all hours of the day and all seasons...
Page 63 - MANUAL of the HISTORY of INDIA, from the Earliest Period to the Present.
Page 12 - WOMAN THERE in the fane a beauteous creature stands, The first best work of the Creator's hands, Whose slender limbs inadequately bear A full-orbed bosom and a weight of care ; Whose teeth like pearls, whose lips like cherries, show, And fawn-like eyes still tremble as they glow.
Page 144 - ... each test measurements had to be made with positive and negative currents (for the very purpose of eliminating the influence of the natural currents) secured all the data necessary for the quantitative determination of the electromotive force in the line, to which the natural current must be considered proportional, involving only a slight additional calculation without any extra observations.
Page 44 - The bounds of its investigation will be the geographical limits of Asia ; and within these limits its inquiries will be extended to whatever is performed by man, or produced by nature.
Page 9 - See Arjuna, Bhima, &c. She at last accompanied her husbands to the Himalaya mountains in the garb of a devotee and died. Dravina — One of the sons of Prithu, the universal emperor. Also the name of one of the sons of the sage Dhava. Draviras — The people of the Coromandel Coast, from Madras southwards ; those by whom the Tamil language is spoken.
Page 24 - First, second, and third annual reports of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories for the years 1867, 1868, and 1869 under the Department of the Interior: Washington, DC, Government Printing Office, p.
Page 131 - ... birth. I have never seen a single fragment of rock from any more southern locality resting upon glaciated surfaces to the north of them, though I have searched for them from the Atlantic coast to Iowa. The picturesque island of Mount Desert lies on the southern shore of Maine, in Hancock County, and is separated from the mainland by a narrow arm of the sea. Much higher in the centre than on the margin, its mountains seem, as one draws near, to rise abruptly from the sea. It is cleft through the...
Page 206 - The President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice Presidents, shall preside at all general sessions of the Association and at all meetings of the Standing Committee.
Page 110 - ... place, only three of the railing pillars near the eastern gate were visible above the ground, but a shallow excavation soon brought to light some pillars of the south gate, from which I obtained the measurement of one quadrant of the circle. I was thus able to determine the diameter of the inclosure, the whole of which was afterwards excavated, partly by myself and partly by my assistant Mr. Beglar. In many places the accumulation of rubbish rose to eight feet in height, and as the stone pillars...

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