State Street: A Brief Account of a Boston Way

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State Street Trust Company, 1906 - Boston (Mass.) - 42 pages
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Page 42 - Formed and Marched with Insolent Parade, Drums beating, Fifes playing and Colours flying up KING Street, each Soldier having received 16 rounds of Powder and Ball...
Page 36 - Society, established here, was incorporated in 1881 "to promote the study of the history of Boston, and the preservation of its antiquities...
Page 5 - The first prisoner, for instance, of the stocks was the carpenter, Edward Palmer, who built them in 1639. The town fathers were incensed at his exorbitant bill for their construction, and they laid their strong hands upon him, and he forthwith spent an hour as a prisoner of his own creation and as a forbidding example to like grasping merchants with whom the early town may have been "afflicted.
Page 15 - Washington who had served on his staff, stood on the easterly corner of State Street and Merchants' Row. Over it was the wooden figure of the English admiral, sextant in hand, in the uniform of his rank, — quite appropriate as a sign for a tavern, when we learn that from the hero of Porto Bello comes the term "grog," which sea-faring men have given to strong drink.
Page 34 - From 1692, until 1774—75, when the Province concluded to dispense with its Governors, eleven such chief magistrates had received the Royal Commission, and had been proclaimed to the people from the State House.
Page 30 - with powder and ball." "Are they going to fire on the inhabitants? " asked another. " They cannot," said the Captain, " without my orders." " For God's sake," said Knox, seizing Preston by the coat,
Page 3 - The second meeting-house was destroyed in the conflagration of 1711, the greatest of the eight great fires that Boston had then experienced, but was rebuilt.
Page 24 - The building was of brick, one hundred and ten feet long, thirty-eight feet wide, and provided accommoda23 tion for the Governor, the Courts, the Secretary of the Province, and for the Register of Deeds. This...
Page 33 - Street is indicated by a stone block, with pavingstones radiating therefrom, about twelve feet south of the south-east corner of State and Exchange Streets.
Page 24 - July 18, 1776, from its famous east window Colonel Crafts read to the assembled multitude the Declaration of Independence, and from it also the sheriff of Suffolk County proclaimed the adoption of the Constitution of the United States.

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