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Mary Morgan is a high rising librarian (6 ft. tall) in Concord, seat of transcendentalist plain living and high thinking. The threatened expose of some new material purporting to prove that Ralph Waldo Emerson made Margaret Fuller while Thoreau lusted after Ralph's Lidian (among others) sets off two murders and one madness. Luckily, on hand is Homer Kelly who is taller than Mary. He is also an ... Read full review

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Idealism vs Cold-Blooded Crime
Crime mystery—1st in the Homer Kelly mysteries. This book was written in 1964, and in places sounded a bit dated, but still progressive for the time. Parts of it read
like an old Jimmy Stewart movie, complete with boy scouts and church picnics. Homer is a police detective and also a scholar on American Transcendentalism. Mary is a librarian and a lover of early Concord history. Her romanticized view of Concord clashes with Homer’s cynical, academic approach. But they end up comparing notes in order to solve a mystery: the murder of man who claims to have found scandalous letters from the revered Thoreau, Emerson, and even the reclusive Emily Dickenson. 

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