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A Fair story for the Murders Club.
I have read most of the novels in the Women's Murder Club series and had great expectation that this would be a super mystery. Well, all I can say is that it
was a struggle to get through this novel and I was very disappointed in Mr. Patterson and his co-author Maxine Paetro.
In this book Lindsay Boxer is mourning over her best friend, Claire Washburn that had been shot during a shooting on a ferry near the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are a fan of the women's murder club series then you will know that Claire is a coroner and a Club member. Further into the story there are kidnappers that have a desire for the children of the wealthy families. While this crime is polluting the neighborhood there is a goon that is petrifying the tenants in an apartment building in San Francisco. The Women's Club must come to grips with all these crimes and solve them. Sounds great on the surface, unfortunately, these different crime stories go off in different directions and the club never really comes together as a unified group to solve these crimes, which when I finally got to the end of this story I was left with a ton of confusing thoughts. No surprise ending here in this story. I just shook my head trying to understand what it was that I had just read. I'm still a fan of Mr. Patterson and I'll probably read his next release.

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