Astralmythen der Hebraeer, Babylonier und Aegypter: Teil. Esau

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E. Pfeiffer, 1901 - Jewish mythology - 657 pages
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Page 231 - Granting to them a heavenly jeweled spear, they thus deigned to charge them. So the two deities, standing upon the Floating Bridge of Heaven pushed down the jeweled spear and stirred with it, whereupon, when they had stirred the brine till it went curdle-curdle, and drew the spear up, the brine that dripped down from the end of the spear was piled up and became an island. This is the Island of Onogoro.
Page 298 - Da trat er in die Stube, und wie er vor das Bette kam, so sah er, daß der Wolf darin lag. „Finde ich dich hier, du alter Sünder", sagte er, „ich habe dich lange gesucht.
Page 235 - While she pulled them up and ate them, he fled on. Again later [his younger sister] sent the eight Thunder-Deities with a thousand and five hundred warriors of Hades to pursue him. So he, drawing the ten-grasp sabre that was augustly girded on him, fled forward brandishing it in his back hand...
Page 298 - Schnitte getan hatte, da sah er das rote Käppchen leuchten, und noch ein paar Schnitte, da sprang das Mädchen heraus und rief: »Ach, wie war ich erschrocken, wie wars so dunkel in dem Wolf seinem Leib!
Page 376 - Mani peeped into her basket, and discovered cooked food. Upon tasting it, he was decidedly of opinion that it was a great improvement upon the raw diet to which he was accustomed. This food came from netherworld ; it was evident that the secret of fire was there. To nether-world, the home of his parents, he would descend to gain this knowledge, so that ever after he might enjoy the luxury of cooked food. On the following day Buataranga was about to descend to Avaiki (nether-world), when Mani followed...
Page 351 - Suche mich nicht weiter: ich bin draussen.« Der Riese reicht dem Knaben einen Stab heraus und spricht: »Nimm den Stock, die Herde damit zu treiben; denn ohne ihn wirst du kein Schaf von der Stelle bringen«.
Page 405 - Evil spirit! bring assistance unto my creatures, and offer praise! so that, in reward for it, ye (you and your creatures) may become immortal and undecaying, hungerless and thirstless.
Page 213 - Nächte, und sie erlaubte ihm drei Trünke von dem Meth zu trinken. Und im ersten Trunk trank er den Odhrörir ganz aus, im andern leerte er den Bodn, im dritten den Son und hatte nun den Meth alle. Da wandelte er sich in Adlersgestalt und flog eilends davon. Als aber Suttung den Adler fliegen sah, nahm er sein Adlerhemd und flog ihm nach. Und als die Äsen Odhin fliegen sahen, da setzten sie ihre Gesäße in den Hos.
Page 329 - Forward-Princess thy consort, do thou make stout the temple-pillars at the foot of Mount Uka in the nethermost rock-bottom, and make high the crossbeams to the Plain-of-High-Heaven, and dwell there, thou villain!
Page 380 - Ere leaving the land of ghosts, Mani carefully picked up the two fire-sticks, once the property of Manike, and hastened to the bread-fruit tree, where the red pigeon, " Fearless," quietly awaited his return. His first care was to restore the tail of the bird, so as to avoid the anger of Tane. There was no time to be lost, for the flames were rapidly spreading. He re-entered the pigeon, which carried his fire-sticks one in each claw, and flew to the lower entrance of the chasm. Once more pronouncing...

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