Danger in the Air: Federal Aviation Administration Blunders

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iUniverse, Mar 13, 2002 - Transportation
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""An enthusiastic thumbs-up to Captain Brian Power-Waters, America's conscience on air safety. Danger in the Air pulls no punches and harbors no sacred cows-assembling a convincing case that the nation's sky cop, the Federal Aviation Administration itself, has "blood on its hands" in the horrible 9/11 tragedy because of its longtime failure to require stronger cockpit doors, sharper-eyed screeners and other measures to reduce terrorist threats. Power-Waters also rips the lid off a runway-full of other air safety shortcomings that endanger the flying public every day, whether aboard a jumbo jet, an air taxi or an ultralight. Danger in the Air will make you uneasy and angry, and may drive you to scream for reforms"-?Alex Michelini, former award-winning Investigative Reporter, New York Daily News; former adjunct at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
"Captain Power-Waters, drawing on his vast experience in aviation-from both the line Pilot's perspective and a very accurate and informed understanding of an Air Traffic Controller's job, brings together facts and information concerning the truth about aviation safety and the failures made by the agency tasked with overseeing it-the FAA."-?William A. Faville, Jr., Former Director, Safety and Technology, National Air Traffic Controller Association.
"If your are interested in the inside story of the attack on America, how the Federal Aviation Administration contributed to it, how airport security is still a job, and how the FAA and airlines are fighting to extend the time a pilot is confined to the cockpit, then this is the book for you."-?Carl T. Butterworth, Senior Captain, American Airlines, Retired Brigadier General, Air National Guard."

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