A handbook for India. Part ii. Bombay

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Page 359 - Thomas Pattinson, adjutant of the battalion, lying mortally wounded, being shot through the body, no sooner heard that the gun was taken, than, getting up, he called to the grenadiers, ' once more to follow him,' and, seizing a musket by the muzzle,* rushed into the middle of the Arabs, striking them down right and
Page 464 - in length, and where it drops from the ceiling it appears like a cluster of the half-disclosed lotus, whose cups are so thin, so transparent, and so accurately wrought, that it fixes the eye in admiration. The dome is divided into concentric compartments by richly sculptured cordons, each intervening space being filled with elaborate and elegant
Page 448 - broad as Amazonian targe, And with what skill they had, together sow'd To gird their waist : vain covering, if to hide Their guilt and dreaded
Page 340 - and kine, to punish the violators of their temples and their gods, and to resist the enemies of their religion ; that it became him as a brahman to assist in what was already declared by the deity ; ! and that here amongst his caste and countrymen he should hereafter live in comfort and affluence.
Page 321 - in front of the plain wall, supported by bold wooden brackets from the two piers, and either roofed or having a second balcony above it. No part of the wood, however, exists now, either here or at Salsette. It is more than probable, however, that this was the music gallery or
Page 455 - a handsome building, with pillars in the Grecian style, having its attic story raised high above the town, and containing very convenient apartments for the judge and his family. Separated by a narrow street is the prison, a large and strong building, which was, nevertheless, nearly forced eight or ten years ago, by a mob of
Page 332 - together with their commander, were found dead or wounded ; a few had concealed themselves, and submitted ; but several hundreds had chosen the desperate alternative of venturing over the rock, and many were dashed to pieces in the attempt. The preconcerted signal of success was setting on fire a thatched house in the fort, a joyful intimation to
Page 306 - with those on each side of the great cave, a century later ; then the great cave ; and lastly, the unfinished one, which is the first the traveller approaches by the usual route, and which dates about the 9th or 10th century AD, or is even still more recent.
Page 464 - by no means an unusual number ; and the whole is enclosed in an oblong courtyard, about 140 ft. by 90 ft., surrounded by a double colonnade of smaller pillars forming porticoes, to a range of 55 cells, which enclose it on all sides exactly as
Page 348 - as a happy omen, and, animated by it, the garrison would have made a prolonged and desperate defence, but provisions fell short, and 'Azim Shah would no longer connive at their introduction. Proposals of surrender were, therefore, made through him, and the honor of the capture, which he so ill-merited, was not only assigned to him, but the

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