An Essay on the Causes of the Revolution and Civil Wars of Hayti: Being a Sequel to the Political Remarks Upon Certain French Publications and Journals Concerning Hayti

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Printed at the Western Luminary Office, 1823 - Haiti - 249 pages

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Page cxviii - And the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and each of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the President of the Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court of Justice, all other judges of His Majesty's prize courts, and all governors...
Page cxviii - Now, therefore, His Majesty, by and with the advice of - His Privy Council, is pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows: 1.
Page lxi - Louis, by the grace of God King of France and Navarre, to our dear and well-beloved Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, greeting.
Page 28 - Those forces are destined to rob you of liberty,' reply, 'The Republic will not allow that liberty shall be taken from us.
Page xx - The undersigned, Secretary of State of the United States, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note addressed to him on the loth ultimo by Mr.
Page lxxiv - ... an incurable malady which forbids my writing and walking, and only at long intervals leaves me sufficient leisure, and my mind sufficiently free, to busy myself with the labours or the questions to which my life has been devoted. Thus will be explained to you my very involuntary delay in replying to the letter you did me the honour to address to me on the 16th of this month, respecting the contradiction you think you discern between my speeches in the Chapter of St.
Page c - European sovereigns have just signed, on their royal honour, is to unite their armies, if need be, and to lend each other all necessary aid, in order to destroy all the governments which have been the offspring of the French revolution, whether in Europe, or in the new world. Know also that it is Great Britain, who is the centre of and principal party to this convention, to which, a few months sooner or later, every government will find it necessary to submit : every government and every potentate...
Page xxx - I have the honour to be, with the highest consideration, Your Excellency's most obedient humble servant, E.
Page xlvi - ... had kept quiet until they should have constructed the barges, and that then it was thought that they were for the escape of the chiefs and of congress, and that the people had planned to arrest them if they sought to escape in that direction. The reading of the declaration having been made to him, he declared that it contained the truth, and that he had nothing to change, augment, or diminish therein, and has made his mark not knowing how to sign his name, the year and day as below given. his...
Page xvii - Accept, my Lord, the sentiments of high consideration with which I have the honour to be, " My Lord, " Your Lordship's most humble and most obedient Servant, (Signed) "The French General, Bo Yin.

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