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I love the comments made by the two who preceded me in messages.
Re: a copy--I am not sure if any more copies are available, anywhere.
Re: Alice Bonville--who was/is she? Who were her parents?
I am doing a re-read of Ouida's book and agree that its contents are priceless--
even more so everyday!
Re: Ouida--She spent her later years living in Speculator, NY, with her sister, Mary.
After Mary passed away, Ouida stayed on in Speculator and wrote her book there, in

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Ouida was my grandmothers sister. Mary Girard who married my widower grandfather Albert King who had my mother Susan King who married my father Alfred a Twiss
I have the book she signed and my brother us looking for a copy
Any ideas

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This Book is a wonder and should be made into a Movie ! It is a narrative of a life born in the Adirondack Mountains of New York ( 1930's ) . Ouida Girard was one of many children ( I think 9 ) . She became a teacher and Then left that world behind & began a Life long adventure Traveling the Whole World ! The Story is fantastic and captures a personal and intelligent view of what was happening at that time in the World !
She was my Grandmother's 1st Cousin . Alice Bonville . Before Ouida died , She sent me 2 copies of her book . In one of them was a note to me . She said that my Grandma Alice told her that I make perfect pies ! And I Do !

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