The Works of Irvin S. Cobb: Back home. [2] The escape of Mr. Trimm. [3] From place to place. [4] Local color. [5] Myself to date. [6] Old Judge Priest. [7] Snake doctor. [8] Speaking of operations. [9] Sundry accounts. [10] Those times and these

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Review of reviews corporation, 1912 - American fiction
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Page 168 - BACK HOME one Virgil Settle, a citizen of this county. Have you anything to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon you?" Only eying him steadfastly, the confessed offender shook his head.
Page 17 - had mastered the tune to his own satisfaction, and then, still whistling, he shuffled along the uneven board pavement, which, after rippling up and down like a broken-backed snake, dipped downward to a little railroad station at the foot of the street.
Page 20 - would potter and philander round a long time before he ever came to the point of anything. So he appeared to the others there, too. But what Durham did not sense was that the homely simplicity of the old man was of a piece with the picture of the courtroom, that he would seem to these watching, hostile people one of their
Page 256 - Shut up!" ordered his keeper briefly, and that was the only answer he made. At the far end of the passage Bynum turned a key in a creaky lock and threw back the barred door of an inner cell, sheathed with iron and
Page 29 - To some who heard it now the tune was strange; these were the younger ones. But to those older men and those older women the first jubilant bars rolled back the years like a scroll.
Page 18 - windows of the steamy, smelly courtroom. The defense lost no time getting under headway. As his main witness Durham called the prisoner to testify in his own behalf. Tandy gave his version of the killing with a frankness and directness that would have carried conviction to auditors more even-minded in their sympathies. He had
Page 6 - thing. Why, you could almost put your hand out and touch it. It was everywhere there.
Page 31 - to be tryin' to hold me back when you know how my only dear brother died
Page 18 - would have carried conviction to auditors more even-minded in their sympathies. He had gone to Rankin's office in the hope of bringing on a peaceful settlement of their quarrel. Rankin had flared up; had cursed him and advanced on him, making
Page 271 - They swayed their bodies from side to side — not forward but from side to side. They fingered their weapons, and some of them swore in a disappointed, irritated sort of way. This lasted perhaps half a minute, perhaps a whole

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