The Calling

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2007 - Fiction - 160 pages

Experience tells me that the world is full of people who have dealt with storms in their lives. Often, the sky becomes dark and the waves of life become rough. Some storms are intense, or extremely frightful, and we frantically wonder why this is happening.

Life has its storms. They can come to greater or lesser degrees. Sometimes we are prepared for the storms, and other times we get caught by surprise. There is no life without storms.

There are many storms we go through in life. Some of us are dealing with rebellious children, broken relationships, financial difficulties, severe illness, hardship, or a combination of these or other challenges.

In reality, we cannot avoid the random hazards of life's journey. Life has suffering and crisis. As painful as it is, we must make a difficult choice to accept the reality of life.

All of us run into challenges in life. When danger sweeps down upon us, it is painful, frightful, and sometimes unbearable. As a result, sadness crashes like a tidal wave, and we are shaken and frightened, tired, and exhausted.

It is not easy to walk through the valley of suffering. To climb up to the mountaintop is challenging. The secret weapon to endure the storms of life is to walk closely with God. We can conquer difficult situations in life through faith and prayer.

In order for us to sail victoriously through the storms of life, we must go through them. As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus, we are able to overcome every challenge that we encounter. We can face any obstacle. We can climb every rock and mountain, and cross every valley.

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