The Way of the North: A Romance of the Days of Baranof

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Doubleday, Page, 1905 - Alaska - 320 pages

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Page 209 - Muslim countries for a man to have more than one wife at a time...
Page 47 - Highlander by the throat, and shook him as if he had been a mere baby. " Iss it for fightin' ye are ? " said Fergus, whose good-nature was not proof against such rough and unexpected treatment.
Page 16 - For the moment the eye grasped no detail in the dull and smoky light. The low room was simply one great expanse of changing shadow. But as we gathered power of concentration, groups of figures started out of the darkness, coming unexpectedly one after another like the trick settings in the scenes of a fairy play.
Page 17 - At the extreme end was a circle of men standing. They fell away at our approach, and beyond them on the floor, against the wall, I discovered the patient we had come to see.
Page 19 - ... animal's. One hand was held behind her, and with the other in...
Page 17 - Respect or fear had kept the crowd a decent distance from him and he seemed to be alone. I passed quietly across the intervening space and bent beside him, feeling for his heart.
Page 62 - ... threw his arms around his neck and kissed him on both cheeks. "Ivan!
Page 175 - I do not see anything else for it now but to make the best of it and go to bed.
Page 19 - I could see her body rise and fall with the intensity of her breathing. She was a pathetic little figure as she faced me in the dimness. She was evidently very much afraid and, as she watched me, her eyes had the brightness and...
Page 153 - Only a small table had been left in the middle of the floor, and at this sat Baranof and a stranger whom I had never before seen.

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