Preliminary Report of the Commission Appointed by the University of Pennsylvania to Investigate Modern Spiritualism, in Accordance with the Request of the Late Henry Seybert

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Lippincott, 1920 - Spiritualism - 160 pages
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Page 70 - He dined with me several times, and I consequently saw more of him than did the other Commissioners. I told him more than once that, as a Commissioner, I should watch him with lynx eyes, and he always gave a laughing assent. I furthermore never concealed from him that he had, by no means, converted me to Spiritualism. [I last saw him in Boston, when, as I was passing along Shawmut Avenue, I caught sight of him at a window; he eagerly beckoned me to come in, and, as I settled myself in a chair, I...
Page 150 - Before me, as far as I can detect, stands the very Medium herself, in shape, size, form, and feature true to a line, and yet, one after another, honest men and women at my side, within ten minutes of each other, assert that she is the absolute counterpart of their nearest and dearest...
Page 15 - Even the very spirit of investigation, or of incredulity, seems to exercise a chilling effect and prevents a successful manifestation.
Page 151 - ... another, honest men and women at my side, within ten minutes of each other, assert that she is the absolute counterpart of their nearest and dearest friend ; nay, that she is that friend. It is as incomprehensible to me as the assertion that the heavens are green, and the leaves of the trees deep blue. Can it be that the faculty of observation and comparison is rare, and that our features are really vague and misty to our best friends ? Is it that the medium exercises some mesmeric influence...
Page 7 - ... receipt ; and the cause of this excitement was simply that shortly before, Dr. Furness had kicked over a slate placed at the foot of the table, and thus exposed the prepared writing upon it. In short, their verdict with regard to the doings of this their most famous medium is, " that the character of those which passed under our observation was fraudulent throughout. There was really no need of any elaborate method of investigation : close observation was all that w-as required.
Page 112 - I reserve to later publication, in my own treatises, the description of further experiments obtained by me in twelve seances with Mr. Slade, and, as I am expressly authorized to mention, in the presence of my friends and colleagues, Professor Fechner, Professor Wilhelm Weber, the celebrated electrician from Gottingen, and Herr Scheibner, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Leipzig, who are perfectly convinced of the reality of the observed facts, altogether excluding imposture or prestidigitation.
Page 159 - There is an outlying region claimed by Spiritualists which I have not touched, and into which I would gladly enter, were there any prospect that I should meet with more success. I am too deeply imbued with the belief that we are such stuff as dreams are made on, to be unwilling to accept a few more shadows in my sleep. Unfortunately, in my experience, Dante's motto must be inscribed over an investigation of Spiritualism, and all hope must be abandoned by those who enter on it.
Page 145 - My fourth, and last, question therefore ran: 'Do you think that by any chance Dina Melish would know?' To which the answer came: Well Brother, as to that She may know more than She may be willing to divulge — you see, Brother, it places Dinah in a very unpleasant position, ie, should it be noised abroad that she was in the secret. I do not by any means censure Dinah for what she may know, if know she does. You could xamine Dinah on that point — carefully, not allowing her to suspect your object...
Page 127 - I went to the seashore, and my slates went with me. Not a single evening did I break my rule. " And so it went on. The three months became four ; became five ; became six ! " And there an end, with absolutely virgin slates. " I had used enough blotting-paper, it seemed to me, to absorb a spot on the sun. I dare not calculate the number of hours I had spent in darkness. "Let Spiritualistic reproaches of investigators for lack of zeal and patience be heaped up hereafter till ' Ossa becomes a wart '...
Page 82 - Sellers, Mrs. AL Wister, Mrs. Dr. Knerr, Miss Agnes Irwin, Miss MM Logan. There were also present, as introduced by the Medium, the Medium's wife, Mrs. Keeler; Col. SP Kase and Mrs. Kase, and Dr. Annie D. Ramburger. The Medium, Mr. Keeler, is a young man, apparently about thirty years of age, with well cut features, curly, brown hair, a small, sandy moustache, and rather worn and anxious expression; he is strongly built, about five feet eight inches high, and with rather short, quite broad, and very...

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