Wisconsin State Electrical Code, Volume 2

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Bureau of Purchases, 1944 - Electrical engineering
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Page 22 - ... designed to be placed in a cabinet or cutout box placed in or against a wall or partition and accessible only from the front.
Page 100 - Use. Rigid metal conduit may be used under all atmospheric conditions and occupancies, except that ferrous raceways and fittings protected from corrosion solely by enamel may be used only indoors and in occupancies not subject to severe corrosive influences.
Page 116 - Suitable bushings, shields or fittings having smooth rounded edges shall be provided where conductors pass between gutters, through partitions, around bends, between gutters and cabinets or junction boxes and at other locations where necessary to prevent abrasion of the insulation of the conductors.
Page 20 - Garage: A building or portion of a building in which one or more self-propelled vehicles carrying volatile, flammable liquid for fuel or power are kept for use, sale, storage, rental, repair, exhibition or demonstrating purposes, and all that portion of a building which is on or below the floor or floors in which such vehicles are kept and which is not separated therefrom by suitable cutoffs.
Page 85 - ... cable and surface metal raceway wiring to open wiring or to concealed knob-and-tube work. A fitting used for this purpose shall contain no taps or splices and shall not be used at fixture outlets.
Page 102 - ... mills, sugar mills, round houses, some stables, and similar locations are judged to be occupancies where severe corrosive conditions are likely to be present.
Page 179 - Brackets for use on scenery shall be wired internally, and the fixture stem shall be carried through to the back of the scenery where a bushing shall be placed on the end of the stem.
Page 102 - Where installed in wet locations, they shall be of the raintight type. 348-9. Bends — How Made. Bends in the tubing shall be so made that the tubing will not be injured and that the internal diameter of the tubing will not be effectively reduced. The radius of the curve of the inner edge of any field bend shall not be less than shown in Table 346-10.
Page 48 - Where underground service conductors enter a building, they shall have mechanical protection in the form of rigid or flexible conduit, electrical metallic tubing, auxiliary gutters, the metal tape of an approved service cable, or other approved means. The mechanical protection shall extend to the enclosure for the service equipment unless the service switch is installed on a switchboard, in which case a bushing shall be provided which, except where lead-covered conductors are used, shall be of the...
Page 117 - Position of knife switches. Single-throw knife switches shall be so placed that gravity will not tend to close them. Double-throw knife switches may be mounted so that the throw will be either vertical or horizontal as preferred, but if the throw be vertical a locking device shall be provided which will insure the blade remaining in the open position when so set.

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